So. Many. Questions. Answered.

If you want to avoid spoilers turn back now, but since we continued with the flashbacks and nothing happened and you just want clarification — go ahead and read this very hyped review as the recap doesn’t truly spoil anything, but we will give a reminder at the end of the plot lines that are still open-ended and need to be tied up!

So we finally get to see Cordelia’s pre-apocalypse team up with the new voodoo queen [Dinah Stevens — and we hear how Marie Laveau’s demise lead to her becoming the new voodoo queen]. The team-up leads to the highly anticipated summoning of Papa Legba. Cordelia requests he help her lock Michael Langden in hell since he is a gatekeeper (she will lure him, Papa Legba closes the gate). He addresses the dangers of her plan but agrees for a high price – the souls of all of her girls. His persuasive technique includes bringing Nan, who Fiona and Marie had given to him when they summoned him all those years before, in an attempt to help persuade Cordelia on the deal he knew would be difficult. It was a wonderful surprise to see Jamie Brewer again and the scene was instantly iconic.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

Other notable answers included a flashback within a flashback when Cordelia first saw doom impending and brought back Myrtle from her second burning — so now we know how and why Myrtle has been present throughout this season and its flashbacks. We also saw the murder of Ms. Meade which we knew was coming by Michael’s prior speeches and her robotic doppelganger. So that is all fine and dandy, but we have a few unanswered questions!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse – FX

At present day we still don’t know if the witches or Michael are aware that Brock is in the bunker still, or how he truly came to know Coco and if he has any prior connections or allegiances. Or what happens to the rest of the warlocks that weren’t killed? Or how about KYLE?! He becomes their butler at the end of Coven but we’ve had 0 mentions of him! The showdown between Cordelia and Michael and how it didn’t end either of them?
The only thing certain is that we are chomping at the bit for the outcome and finale, but this slow burn of theories only makes it all the juicier!