Warning, this episode of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes (“CarolQuest”) was released on the Cartoon Network app but has yet to air on television. This article is a review of said episode and does contain spoilers.

Good news fans, “CarolQuest” has an air date for television. Please tune in May 12, 2019 to watch the show on Cartoon Network as this awesome, crucial episode deserves support. This episode is going to be important for future revelations and fan theories so we highly recommend that you don’t miss it.

OK KO CarolQuest (Scene 2)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

“CarolQuest” brought so much more than fans were expecting as it revealed so much more information and confirmed/ debunked so many previously held theories within the fandom. We first find our heroes, Carol and K.O., attempting to to work out a conflicting schedule with Punching Judy (K.O.s babysitter as seen in the first episode of the series). At first, Carol doesn’t mind that her babysitter had previously scheduled plans until she receives a call from Foxtail. This was an interesting turn of events for two reasons, when fans last saw Foxtail it was in Final Exams where she showed a whole new side to her character (if you haven’t watched this episode I highly recommend you do for the ground breaking information or read my review of the episode for a few basics) and she addresses Carol as “Silver Spark” (for those unfamiliar regarding Carols history with P.O.I.N.T., you will need to watch several past episodes like “Know Your Mom” and “Let’s Take a Moment” to name a few).

Foxtail calls Carol to send her on a mission and this alone is an interesting turn of events. After describing what the situation is through various code words, while trying to avoid disclosing to much info to her son, Foxtail informs Carol she will need to meet with another P.O.I.N.T. member for further details. Since she couldn’t leave K.O. alone and didn’t want Mr. Gar (currently her boyfriend in this episode) to find out about her still standing status with P.O.I.N.T., Carol has no other choice but to take him along with her.

OK KO CarolQuest (Scene 1)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

We are soon brought to the back of the Bodega as we have seen in past episodes (with special emphasis on “Do You Have Any More in the Back”). Carol, to this point, has kept K.O. ignorant to her past work so she was surprised to learn that he had actually been there before. Soon Ms. Mummy states herself to be the one Carol is supposed to meet as she is a junior cadet for P.O.I.N.T.. The two adults try their best to communicate without informing K.O. of the actual situation but he catches on quickly. Once again, Carol is surprised at how much information K.O. knows and tries to inquire how he learned so much but quickly must engage in battle with a mutated creature.

Carol attempts to fight the creature alone but is unable to make progress. Thankfully Ms. Mummy comes to the rescue at the right time. Ms. Mummy and Carol disputes what their next course of action should be and, even with his ears covered, K.O. becomes increasingly upset at the realization of how serious this situation is becoming. Gertie (a character many have mostly likely seen as she is a frequenter of the dojo) also announces she is a member of P.O.I.N.T.  and joins the fight. The four heroes quickly team up and after a battle highlighting theirs skill, the creature stealing glorbs is defeated.

OK KO CarolQuest (Scene 5)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

The conclusion for the fight is done but K.O. still has questions for his mom to what just happened. Carol proceeds to tell him the truth about her association with P.O.I.N.T. and what the tree means for the plaza (what we presume to believe is the truth for now at least). The information given warps up the episode and it ends on a cute wink from K.O.

This is a vital episode for the series, as I previously stated, for if had so much info that made us rethink so much about what had happening and what will happen now. I mostly liked it because it had so many plot twists (most of which I didn’t see coming) and it really just created a new tone for the episodes to follow. For instance, Mr. Gar is unaware that Carol is still in P.O.I.N.T. (or her current mission to protect the tree) so how will this affect their new found relationship he finds out.Personally, I thought this was a pretty good episode as it brought so many hints together in a tasteful way, surprised audiences in a good way and showed Carol a new side to K.O.. Frankly, there is so much this show has to offer in terms of entertainment and it only gets better with each episode like this one so lets hope they keep up the good work.

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