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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×3 of Black Lightning, “The Book of Consequences-Chapter Three: Master Lowry.”

When a green light meta looses control of  her powers in a hospital, Black Lightning is there to help the young lady by giving her a hand, literally.

Gambi and Jefferson check the Garfield school cameras for any footage of Tobias and Painkiller during the school attack but the footage has gone missing and Jefferson’s footage from his goggles is inadmissible. Jefferson decides that to get to Tobias, he should go after Khalil.

Meanwhile, Khalil learns another hilarious lesson from Tobias. As Khalil almost get’s burned, Tobias reminds him of the pick-up schedule and tell’s him with Syonide gone, he’s going to have to do more.

On the news, a zoning project from Vladislav Zlovac is set to buy out the last remaining free clinic in Freeland, the project is also set to become the “crown jewel” of Freeland.

Jennifer, scrolling through her social media, finds out that Anissa is dating Zoe B, Jenn shocks her with one of her fingers and gives her some relationship advice, she tells her Zoe B is cotton candy and Anissa needs soul food.

At the ASA headquarters, Lynn is asked by Agent O’Dell to bring in Dr.Jace (a leading computational chemist) but she is labeled insane and currently locked away. O’Dell makes Lynn convince her to come on board.

As Jefferson walks into Garfield High he is not pleased as he sees metal detectors being installed in his school. He goes to meet Principal Lowry, who wasn’t happy about Jefferson talking to the students and refuses to shown around the school by Jefferson.

Jennifer goes on one of her walks outside when she meets a woman named Parenna. Parenna shakes Jennifer’s hand and they are transported to a new realm which scares Jennifer instantly.  Jennifer flips out on her parents for trying to help her without asking her first, Parenna thought Jennifer would be able to control her powers if there were no expectations.

Parenna Jenn.jpeg

Jennifer & Parenna (Courtesy of The CW)

Detective Henderson finds Detective Summers (the man who gave the file to Tobias in 2×1) vehicle burnt to a crisp. He realizes that there’s a master criminal out there somewhere.

Lynn Stewart meets with Dr.Jace to convince her to help her with her study of the pod kids. Lynn bargains to let her see her son once while Dr.Jace reminds her that 10 patients lost their feet and one died.

Anissa goes to Reverand Holt to give him money for the pod kids and tells him to give some of that money to the clinic. Holt says its already been spent and it’s not enough. Before Anissa can get out to go get more money, Reverend Holt prays for her.

After another late payment, Tobias tells Khalil to go find Rion and nip it in the bud. When Khalil gets to Club 100 to look for Rion, they call him out for acting like LaLa coming in there with bass in his voice and make fun of him for being a fake gangsta. When Rion shows up he starts running and Khalil shoots him with a dart, killing him.

Taking the advice of her younger sister, Anissa goes to talk to Grace and apologize for her manners. After flirting a little, Anissa tells her she would like to “try” to be something with Grace.

Henderson goes to Jefferson to tell him about the dead cop. Henderson wants Black Lightning to interrogate a man they think responsible for the crime. Before Henderson leaves, Jefferson tells him they need to talk this whole thing out.

Jennifer meets with Parenna again, this time under her will. Parenna takes Jennifer to a salon, in her mind, like the speed-force in the flash, its somewhere she can be comfortable. In the reality they build a box for Jennifer’s feelings, Jennifer asks for the box to be gold and she starts to realize that anything is possible.

Anissa meets with Gambi to find information on Zlovac. Gambi agrees to hold off on telling her father what they are doing, but if she does something stupid, Gambi will call her out.

Jefferson goes to a warehouse to meet with the man responsible for covering up the murder of the cop. The man tries to shoot Black Lightning with a flamethrower but Black Lightning uses his powers to fly and blast back at the man. The man eventually tells Black Lightning that the man who hired him had gladiator arms.

Black Lightning goes to Khalil’s mom and tells her that Khalil is in business with someone much stronger and smarter than him and that if she wants him to live she will set up a meeting with him. Black Lightning tells Khalil if he gives him information on Tobias he will kill him but Khalil doesn’t go for it. Eventually, Khalil throws one of his darts at Black Lightning which he catches as Khalil gets away.

BLK203a_0183_595_Spoiler TV Transparent

Painkiller & Tobias (Courtesy of SpoilerTv & The CW)

Tobias is finally caught for the murder of Alvin Pierce as Henderson says that someone dropped a dime on him. Tobias is taken into custody.

Gambi and Anissa go to the warehouse where Zlovac’s money is being transferred. In a cool action scene, Anissa takes out the crew with some thunderclaps while Gambi snipes away the last remaining man of the crew. Anissa then scoops the money up and brings it to Reverend Holt.

Jennifer meets with Parenna one last time, this time Parenna says that they are going to find out what Jennifers feelings really are, when Jennifer is transferred to the reality she is engulfed in flames and crying hysterically.

In the last scene, Henderson knocks on Jefferson’s door to tell him they finally got Tobias Whale.


This weeks episode was jammed packed it seemed like it was two episodes fit into one. With the reveals of Parenna, Tobias, Principal Lowry, and the re-return of Grace Choi, this episode had a lot going on.

The meta of the week this week was taken out in the opening so I’m glad we didn’t spend a whole episode devoted to our villain of the week. I was worried last week that Black Lightning was going to devolve into a meta of the week show this season.

Is Tobias’ plan to go to jail? It seemed rushed to have Tobias go to jail since there wasn’t any evidence of Henderson or anyone besides team Black Lightning looking into him before this episode, if this is Tobias’ plan, count me intrigued.

I’m glad Black Lightning is bringing back old characters like Grace Choi because Black Lightning has been adding a lot of new characters this season and killing off old ones like Syonide. Hopefully, Grace will get her powers soon (if she doesn’t already have them).

Jennifer is finally on the path to controlling her emotions and powers. While this will likely be a plot point for the rest of the season, I’m really invested into Jennifer’s journey of becoming a superhero.

While the pacing was a little fast, Black Lightning has set it self up wonderfully for the next couple episodes. Let’s hear your theories in the comments!