Let’s start the episode with hearts meeting and beating together. We see everyone clicking with their significant other- Mina, Conrad, Nic, Devon… and then there is Dr. Bell. He is still hung up on Dr. Lane Hunter, who was arrested for overdosing her patients. He ends up picking up a prostitute who looks like Lane, only to be arrested for solicitation. Though he does transfer $200 to her, he never actually mentions anything he is paying for. I am sure with the right lawyer, he can get off… but looks like he has a bad lawyer. By law, Dr. Bell has to self report himself to the medical board for his arrest… so Dr. Bell tears up the paperwork, and walks away, content.

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New year, new residents. Conrad pawns the first year med students on Devon. He has them listening to a patient’s heart. 2 of the students mention an abnormal heart rate, a third keeps saying states’ names, and the fourth, the only female in the group, says his heart sounds fine. Turns out he is in for a gallbladder removal. One of them, Aaron Holt, is a gunner, acting like he knows everything. Sadly, he decides to ignore Devon’s advice, and tries to grab supplies without consulting a nurse for help, causing the patient to become worse. Devon sends them home, but Irving talks with him, reminding his first patient ended up brain dead, everyone makes mistakes. Holt is still in the hospital, watching over the young girl.

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Two patients enter Chastain. Both are young, a boy 14, with abdominal injury. A girl, 13, with diabetes. Jack ends up having pancreatic cancer, early enough so they can do surgery still, but his family wants to move him. The surgery location is leaking, but Conrad catches it in time before he can be moved. They begin to remove the organ, and repeatedly check for cancer cells. The operation is difficult, and can have many complications as the organ is cut, time and again,

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to make sure no cancer is left. But, soon, the team realizes the organ is unusable, and Conrad decides to go to the leading expert of the Whipple procedure…. Dr. Rudolph Bell. Jack ends up fine, but would be diabetic for the rest of his life. His parents end up ordering a Diabetic pump for $10,000 to administer insulin constantly. The young girl steals insulin because her guardian has yet to show up, but passes out as she administers a dose to herself. Sadly, it is too late. Abby Arlen was put on a ventilator. It turns out her single mom was working two jobs, and could not afford her medication, so Abby began limiting her medication, but knew she was crashing, which is why she went to the hospital.

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Mina is caught between two types of heart- Micah, who just had heart surgery and keeps pushing himself, and AJ, who is distant, but pushes Mina. She is clearly with Micah, but he is pushing her away, acting like he is a burden. Micah ends up leaving for a while, to go to rehab for his injury, but Mina says she will wait for him. AJ of course is super creeping in the background. I really am unsure about who she should end with. Both have merits and flaws which balance Mina’s character.

r 2.2.1Marshall Winthrop seems like a nice balance to the show as well. He is financially concerned about Chastain, but also cares for the patients. He is happy Jack’s family stayed at the hospital, as they made it seem no expense is too much for them, so increases the profit, but when it came out Abby has no insurance, he really did care about her outcome. He even listened as Nic and Mina talked to Conrad and Dr. Bell about a non-profit clinic for the non insured, to help patients like Abby. He doesn’t say no, but asks for Data. I really hope the girls can find some good data.

Well, thats all for this week. I hope you all will swing by again next week. Until then, stay shiny!