Hello, and welcome back to our weekly installment of The Good Doctor. I won’t lie, as a woman this episode made me a bit uncomfortable, as I did do some research about one of the procedures mentioned in this episode. It will be talked more about in the 3rd paragraph, as fair warning.. nothing graphic, but the talk about reasoning and why certain cultures practice certain things… Anyways, back to the review.

gd 2.2.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Shaun is trying his hardest to bond with patients, as Andrews advised him in the previous episode. He tries to treat Paul, a custodian, who has pancreatic cancer, stage 3. Melendez is reminded this is a teaching hospital, and Shaun should take a lead to learn to communicate to patients better. Shaun ends up having his own version of a heart to heart with Paul in the hospital’s chapel, and leaves Shaun with a gem of advice. The family wants the surgery, but Paul is on the fence, but goes through with it. At first, there are no complications, but later, Shaun ends up losing the patient. He goes to tell the family but Melendez sends Claire instead, as this is not a time to learn. The family begin blaming each other, for pushing their father into doing the surgery. But, then Shaun speaks up, saying Paul wanted the surgery, and the family re-connects. As they leave, Claire asks Shaun if that was true, and all he shares what Paul mentioned in the Chapel”When the truth can help someone, we should lie.”

gd 2.2.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Dr. Lim is trying to help a patient who had been circumcised. But, she is female. It is classified as Female Genital Mutilation, and was done to her when she was 2 years old by her Aunt and Grandmother. It was a Rite of Passage in their culture. I did a little research, as I have heard some of the rites before, but never looked in dept. From how the parents portray their reasoning, and the damage Lim mentions, it can be assumed it was all exterior and removal of the clitoris. In some cultures, the women are only for birthing and raising families, so sex organs are useless, and should be removed, which is what I think happens on Osha’s case. Lim knows the patient is underage, and does the surgery anyways, seeing as she has a fake ID, and her parents would be against the corrective surgery. Sadly, something goes wrong.. or at least semi-right; The damage done did not destroy everything down there that might give her pleasure, and Lim can give her surgery to correct her anatomy and give her a clitoris. It involves taking a piece of her cheek skin and grafting it over her clitoris. But, she has to involve the family, who hovers and causes Asha to withdraw her first wish, and wants the clitoris to be removed. Lim waits until the parents leave, and tries to talk with her again, but Asha just looks away. Deciding to go against her patient’s wishes, Lim does the corrective surgery. On paper, it says she removed the organ, but as Asha wakes up and notices a piece of her cheek skin is missing, realizes what happens, and smiles. It’s a good ending to a bad event, but I hope she enjoys herself later on.

gd 2.2.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Dr. Glassman gets an office while he is on medical leave. It does make me wonder if he actually stepped down officially, or if Andrews is just acting President, pending on the surgery.  Speaking of surgery, Glassman isn’t sure about which surgeon he wants. He has everyone else chosen, but not his surgeon. Glassman doesn’t want to talk about it, but Shaun keeps bringing it up, and is curious about why he is avoiding the subject. Aaron brings up he is worried he will not die from the surgery, but instead will change, and no longer be a doctor, or smart, and if he loses either, he isn’t sure what he can be. Shaun merely responds they can be friends. Still, he realizes friendship is not enough. Finally, Glassman decides on a surgeon, who I believe is Dr. Lim, I am sorry, her mask obscures her face so it is hard, and the episode ends when Aaron going under the knife.

gd 2.2.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Lea has returned, and Shaun is avoiding her. She ends up showing up at  his job, but he just runs away, Claire trailing behind. She keeps asking Shaun a few questions as he runs away from Lea, but remembers something after she touches him and he flinches away. In the 3rd episode of the first season, Claire realized Shaun only responded when she talked to him, but never when she questioned him. Once she realizes her mistake in this episode, she began wording her questions into open ended statements. She also sees how Shaun reacts to too much stimuli, which is nice. I mean he is upset, but nice portrayal by the character. Shaun and Lea finally have a conversation, and Shaun explains his feelings. He explains her leaving, her baseball she left for him to remember her by, it made him hurt. The ball was here, and she was not. Her leaving hurt him, and kept hurting him, and he knows Lea will not stay for long, which is why he wants her to go before he becomes attached again. Ow, that hurt, but it was the truth. I wonder if Lea will leave again, or actually stick around again.

That is all for now. This series always makes me feel so much, and hug my dog a bit closer. I love the acting, the writing, the little gems hidden in there that makes you reflect on the series. Each episodes tries to tie others into it, making you want to binge watch again.