We find Cassie bored out her skull with Portia who is a stuck up snob. Cassie just wants to go home to California but is instead stuck on the New England coast in Cape Cod. Cassie sees a boy on the beach and Portia is absolutely mortified that Cassie would interact with him. After the boy leaves, so does Portia after muttering something about a snitch. Cassie gets a few more moments with the boy on the before he gone forever. Cassie’s mom gives her the bad news that they will not be going home to California, but instead further up the coast to go live with her maternal grandmother, whom she has never met on Crowhaven Road.

Starting school Cassie finds out real quick that the kids who live on Crowhaven Road are given a wide berth and pretty much do whatever they want in school. Cassie is desperate to meet the girl in the pretty Victorian house on Crowhaven Road. She accidentally makes an enemy of Faye, Suzan and Deborah on the first day. The Henderson twins help them make Cassie’s life a living hell for the first week of school. Nick steps in once and is surprised when Cassie thanks him. When Cassie is invited by “a friend” to the old science wing of school she is cornered by Faye, Deborah and Suzan. As they are terrorizing Cassie, she is rescued by THE girl. Cassie finds out her name is Diana. She is introduced to Laurel and Melanie too.

Just like that, Cassie goes from social pariah, thanks to Faye, to being a part of the Club although not really, in a week. She meets Kori, the Henderson twins Doug and Chris, Sean. She still hasn’t seen the boy from the beach, not that she really expects to. He is never far from her thoughts though. The whole Club is excited for Kori’s birthday. However when Kori’s birthday arrives it is not a day of celebration. Instead it is a day of mourning as Kori is dead. On the night of Kori’s death Cassie is initiated into the Club. It was supposed to be Kori’s initiation.

Out of the blue, HE shows up. Cassie is elated! She is quickly deflated though. She finds out that his name is Adam and that he is Diana’s boyfriend. She never wants to hurt Diana and pretends they never met before. Adam was in Cape Cod looking for the Master Tools. The ones made by Black John himself. They wait a few days and then take a peek in the crystal skull that Adam found. Not one of their better ideas. Something escaped.

Faye is trying to get Cassie to come to her side. To corrupt her. Will Faye succeed? What escaped from the skull? Tune in next week when I review The Secret Circle: The Captive. Til next week…