Saying that Harry is up to his hind end in alligators would be nice. Unfortunately, he is up to his neck in sharks and there is blood in the water. Harry is not only a wizard who is having trouble with the White Counsel but he is trying to bring down the Black Counsel. He is the warden of Demonreach Island. He is the brother to a vampire and the Winter Knight for the Unseelie Court.

There is a major shindig taking place in Chicago and the supernatural world is waiting with bated breath. There is to be a new compromise reached for the Accords. The White Counsel’s wardens are on high alert. There is a worry that Harry is no longer himself since taking on the Winter mantle. The mantle amplifies certain aspects of Harry such as his need for violence and sex. There is to be a vote whether or not to continue to keep Harry in the counsel or not. If Harry is voted out of the Counsel he loses that protection and he is open to attacks from others in the supernatural world. Mab’s protection is iffy.

Thomas, who was having a sexual relationship with one of the svartalve women, Evanna, forced his way into Molly’s svartalve apartment complex where Harry is staying and killed Austri who gave his life to save Etri. This was shortly after Thomas revealed that Justine is pregnant so Harry is floored. After this, Harry and his grandfather Ebenezer have to stop cornerhounds who came through the Outer Gates. Later Harry goes to Thomas’s sister Lara to try and help their brother but she cannot publicly help him. The helping Thomas is squarely on Harry’s shoulders as if there wasn’t enough on his plate. This causes problems with the wardens of the White Counsel.

The Accords negotiations are to take place in Marcone’s castle. It happens to stand on where Harry used to live. Harry misses his old home and kind of resents Marcone for bulldozing the remains of the charred building and putting his castle there.

Harry, Lara and Murphy come up with a plan to get Thomas out of harms way. He is in danger of dying both from the svartalves as well as his own Hunger demon that makes him a vampire. The plan isn’t exactly a smash and grab but it will take stealth. This is to happen during the negotiations. This puts Harry is a tricky predicament. If this doesn’t go well it will have major consequences but if he does nothing his brother will die. Thankfully he was moved from the svartalves stronghold and to Marcone’s castle.

King Corb of the Formor shows up to the negotiations. He is expected to. He comes in rolling the head of a Fairie king and then killed the servants of Marcone. He goads Mab into fury and then drops his next surprise. The Goddess Ethniu. She handed Mab her ass and effectively ended negotiations.

What is the Accorded nations going to do about a pissed off Titaness? Don’t forget! Battle Ground comes out September 29th, 2020. I can’t wait! Til next next week…