Hello. Welcome back to the new season of The Good Doctor. I must say, it has been quite a bit. I missed this show, and I missed what this show represents. Mary had a little lamb.. Let’s dive right in…

gd 2.1.1

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

What I fell in love with about the last season, I continue loving this season. Life goes on. Dr. Glassman resigns as the President, like he promised, and Dr. Andrews is the new President. And like anyone taking over a position, he decides to review the doctors currently on his staff. Jared is spending his last day with Shaun treating the homeless. Jared views it as a brush off but Shaun views it as a way to try and connect with people better. They meet Harry, a homeless man with horrible gums, delusions, possibly schizophrenia. Jared thinks it is meningitis. Shaun is hesitant. After testing, it seems Harry did not have meningitis, and Dr. Andrews is mad because they wasted resources. Shaun leaves to read, but has a realization the patient has kaleidoscopic disintegration, often caused by pressure to the brain from a tumor.

Claire’s review asked her to be more assertive, while Morgan’s asked her to be a better team player. I wonder what Andrews talked to Park about, as he sits in the background and watches as Claire and Morgan bump heads. Melendez begins prepping a piggyback surgery, with Park, Claire and Morgan as his team. Even as they bring up Claire and Jared’s relationship. Even though she plays it off, Claire tracks Shaun down later in the day and asks how Jared is doing. But, later, Claire shows she can grow, and asks to seal a patient. Morgan seems taken aback, but that’s how people grow sometimes.

gd 2.1.4

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

We meet Dr. Blaize, oncologist. It’s obvious Dr. Glassman has issues with her, and through conversation, we learn she was fired for pot use, but re-hired as his last act as president. She makes him wait, either as revenge or to honestly re-test him, not sure yet. Shaun has yet to visit Dr. Glassman, and when he does, intentionally provoking Shaun, it is obvious he is upset. But then Shaun has a realization and runs out, leaving Glassman alone. At the end, Shaun returns, even as Glassman tries to push him away, saying it is a path he must walk alone, Shaun says he will walk with him… Ouch…. my heart.

gd 2.1.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Dr. Andrews talks a patient into coming to St. Bonaventure for a treatment involving a second heart being installed- called a piggyback. It seems aorta has an aneurysm. It is barely handling her current blood pressure, the pressure of two hearts would rupture and cause the blood to spill out. Of course, Melendez is hesitant. Even as Claire and Morgan approach with the thought of using a Teflon graft to rebuild aorta. Dr. Aoki visits Andrews, and advises him in the most amazing ways- by explaining manipulation isn’t always straight forward.. as long as he got his desired effect, how he got to the end didn’t matter. So, Andrew approaches Melendez, challenging him as a surgeon. Instantly, Neil Melendez bites, and takes on the surgery. Of course, it is a success. Aoki does tell Andrews one more piece of advice- It’s always your ass on the line, but ultimately, you’re a bystander. Think Andrews is realizing just what it means to be president.

gd 2.1.3

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Jared and Shaun have a bonding moment looking for Harry, as the noise begins to effect Shaun, making him withdraw, but even so, he is fighting through his disorder because he thinks he can help Harry. Jared finds out about Shaun’s scalpel and how he used to live in a tent. Then, they find Harry, whose real name is Edward Austin Thomas. His brain tumor caused too many schizophrenic symptoms for his family to stick around, and they kicked him out. Jared realizes Shaun can connect to people, as he talks Harry into returning to the hospital to have his condition treated. Andrews confronts Shaun and Jared, demanding to know why he ordered a MRI. Jared explains how they connected, and how he was proud of Shaun. Shaun merely points out on the MRI, there is a tumor. While he recovers from surgery, Jared calls Edward’s family, and explains what goes on. He wakes, a bit confused, but alert, and as he looks at his daughter, calls her his lamb, his wife is named Mary. Earlier, he was singing ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.’ Again, the little things in this series hurts me.

And, this episode shows why I love the series- for every good, there can be bad. Claire wants to try again with Jared, but he denies her. Glassman is no longer the President, and Jared leaves for a new Hospital. Some things will work out in the day, but overall, a balance must exist. I hope we see Jared again, but for now, I am happy to see him grow. Oh and Lea popped in oh wow great way to end the episode like it wasn’t enough roller coaster…. Until next week, Stay Shiny!