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We open to Peter at work on his lunch break talking to Taz from Looney Tunes fame. He is quite subdued. Peter is the least productive by his DEADWEIGHT score. Therefore he is going on a business trip with his boss as his assistant?

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At school, Chris meets a new girl named Heather at school. She is going to be Juliet in the school play. They need a new Romeo. Chris just fell in love. At the very least, lust. He wants the Romeo part in the play. Later that night, the guys are at the Clam. Peter is depressed about his business trip, but the guys tell him how great business trips are. Peter invites the guys along on the trip.

Chris tells Stewie about the play and how he wants in it. Stewie jumps in as his acting coach. What is it that everyone in the house can understand Stewie except Peter and Lois? When Peter swings by work to grab a case of beer for the road, Preston, the boss, decides Peter is going to drive him. They will do a steady fifty-five miles per hour and stop to read historical signs. The boys have to hide in the back.

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They make it to the hotel, and Peter finds out he has to work all weekend. Stewie is trying his best to instruct Chris in acting but is losing his patience. Chris got the part! Peter got caught with the guys. Peter told him off when his boss chastised him and got him to try beer. Stewie got the principal to let him be the director of the play. This is going to be a train wreck. Chris is just happy he gets to kiss Heather.

Preston is missing. Peter is freaking out, and the hotel room is a scene from The Hangover. Preston HAS to give the presentation. Unfortunately, he is nowhere to be found and sent Peter a freaked-out text. Please, don’t let Peter do the presentation for the love of all things holy. Stewie’s directing got Juliet to quit, which pissed off Chris.

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How does the show go on without Juliet? Did Peter do the presentation? Was it cringy? I think this is the last episode of Family Guy for the season. I will be back with more Family Guy when it comes out next season. Until then, enjoy some of my other articles or some of my peers’ work. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!