Photo Source: FOX // Brooklyn Nine Nine

The key to navigating the waters of a tricky Thanksgiving dinner with in-laws?? BOOZE.

All Jake hoped for was a big, happy family thanksgiving with the Peraltas and the Santiagos, but these in-laws couldn’t be more different. The Peraltas? Loosy-goosy, chill, casual. The Santiagos? Straight laced, type A, formal. Jake and Amy work well, somehow, but the parents didn’t jive as well. After downing several bottles of wine and a $600 bottle of Rum from Cuba, the Uber-competitive dads got into a turkey carving battle (because both moms cooked turkeys). Jake’s Dad got so into it that he CUT OFF HIS THUMB. It was disgusting. Jake and Amy rushed him to the hospital and the Santiagos followed. Somehow, the tragic thanksgiving mishap was a great equalizer, and Mr. Peralta and Mr. Santiago buried the hatchet and hugged it out—in front of Jake, which was his dream.

Back at the 99, Holt and Kevin drove to Saratoga Springs to get this “heavenly” pie…that somehow went missing! Holt’s first suspects were Terry, Rosa, and Charles. They seemed to be lying about their Thanksgiving plans, but Holt couldn’t seem to pin the pie to any of them. It turns out, they all had “shameful” Thanksgiving stories: Nikolaj is a super picky eater, so Charles was getting food for him, Terry hadn’t gotten his daughter a birthday present, and Rosa was planning a “silly” thanksgiving family reunion. Holt was stumped until he found the pie perfectly placed in the trash can; only Kevin throws away trash like that! It turns out, Kevin was trying to spare Holt’s feelings—the pie is nasty, and he doesn’t want anyone else to eat it and judge him. Aaww. True love is not wanting to tell your bae that their favorite pie is nasty.

I hope all of you had two turkeys and a “yummy” pie on Thanksgiving and now have some kickass leftovers!!