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9-1-1 picked up where it left off in its rookie season by promising to give all of its fans apoplectic shock each episode. In the 2-part opener, the team dealt with everything from random and bonkers accidents to one of the largest earthquakes in southern California. Let’s dive in.

On a hot and steamy L.A. day, the emergency calls the team faces are more of the nonsensical variety. From the incredibly reckless tour bus driver getting into a chicken race with a convertible-driving pink and careening off the side of Mulholland Drive…to a buildup of noxious gasses below street level that blows a manhole cover sky high. The hits are more annoyance than massively dangerous. And that’s the beauty of 9-1-1: the false sense of security that this team will always be ok because they’re just that good.

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The interpersonal drama and competition between the fine members of the LAFD are played up in the opener as well. Joining the team is a good-looking, extremely competent and intelligent firefighter, Eddie Diaz. Buck is immediately on high-alert. Not only is Diaz good-looking, buff and a decorated war veteran, he’s uber comfortable with his new team right off the bat. When Diaz announces his intention to submit pictures for the LAFD charity calendar, Buck sees green. It’s not a good color on him.

The two newbies eventually come together to diffuse a live grenade trapped in someone’s leg (*barf*). When they successfully extract the ammunition from the patient’s leg, there are high fives all around. And when said ordinance blows up the ambulance right after, let’s just say the fellas’ bond is solidified.

And as for the calendar, Chim and his bravery won that content (thanks to Hen). It’s a win-win for the entire station…until the ground starts to shake.

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Being born and bred in southern California myself, I’ve been in my fair share of earthquakes. The 7.1 trembler that comes down on 9-1-1 is 11x more powerful than anything I’ve ever felt in my lifetime (Northridge quake of ’94, a major 6.4 rattler). The fear in Athena’s eyes when the overpass in front of her breaks off and disappears into the ether below was one of the most intense moments in the episode.

In a densely populated area like L.A., an earthquake of that magnitude will wreak massive havoc and 9-1-1 doesn’t disappoint. From Athena dealing with a trapped driver in an overturned car (on fire!) to a hotel collapsing, the team is pushed to the very limits of endurance.

At the collapsed hotel site, Bobby, Chim and Hen fight tooth and nail to save a young basketball player’s life (and leg) when he’s trapped under a concrete column. Simultaneously, Eddie and Buck try to attempt a rescue of two people trapped on one of the upper floors (did anyone really boohoo when the disgusting sexual harasser fell through the window and went splat? Not I.). The stakes are incredibly high, none more so than when Hen attempts to save a young girl.

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With Bobby and Chim pulling the young kid out, Hen trapped below and Eddie and Buck still stuck above, “Help is Not Coming, Part II” promises to be an emotionally taxing episode for us all (thanks a lot 9-1-1 writers!).

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