It was once famously said that nothing is certain but death and taxes. Well at this point in the TV landscape we can most certainly add The Simpsons as one of those certainties. Now entering its 30th season the show is quite literally now embedded in our culture.

Leaving aside the quality of the show in recent years for another day its nice to know that The Simpsons is still around and that I can continue to enjoy episodes on an ongoing basis.

The season premiere, titled Bart’s Not Dead, follows Bart as he tries to cover up a dare gone wrong. Bart crafts a story in which he technically died for a moment and went to heaven. Christian film producers become interested in adapting the story, and soon Homer and Ned Flanders are busy casting actors to play the Simpsons. Among those auditioning is Wonder Woman and Justice League star Gal Gadot, who wants to portray Lisa.

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The episode will apparently take shots at DC and the movie industry generally so it will be interesting to see how far they actually go.

Later on this season we will also be getting a Homer and Marge duet episode where we’ll hopefully have another catchy song to add to the list. In another episode actual live action footage from To Kill A Mockingbird will be used which will be a first for the show; save for when Homer landed in the real world in Homer3.

The season premiere will air this Sunday September 30th on Fox.

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