Source: Netflix

  1. Okay here we go.
  2. She can’t talk guys!!
  3. These boys are a hoot.
  4. Aw 11 is DAMAGED guys you needa understand.
  5. You can’t keep an XMEN child hidden in your basement.
  6. I can’t help this guys. I’m a shipper…
  7. Mike + Eleven= new ship?
  8. I hate myself. Why must I ship everyone?
  9. The theme song is so creepy! In a good way.
  10. Poor Joyce–but at least they haven’t found a body…right?
  11. Idk if you can actually recognize a person’s breathing, Joyce.
  12. 11’s first eggo! What a delight that must be for her.
  13. These evil suits! What do they want with Will?? Is it just because he saw the beast thing?
  14. These popular kids suck! Nancy, you’re better than them!
  15. Aw you talked to Will’s brother, Jonathan. I was wrong, you’re no Julie Taylor. You’re much better.
  16. Mike skipped school to hang out with his boo!! What a rebel.
  17. Something still seems off about Jonathan…
  18. flashbacks
  19. Well he seems like a good big bro at least.
  20. Joyce deserves an advance, Donald! She probably makes less than all the men anyway so she actually deserves back pay! Get your money, gurl! #closethewagegap #feminism
  21. Do shows like this ever make you wonder if you have a secret evil government agency in your town?
  23. Are they torturing him too??
  24. Omg poor 11 she’s so scared in that closet.
  25. OMG NO THIS POOR CHILD. I need to hug her.
  26. I want to kill these evil scumbags.
  27. Mike kind of reminds me of John Francis Daley’s character in Freaks and Geeks.
  28. Omg Mike and 11. They’re so cute I can’t even.
  29. God. Of course you gotta search the quarry. Bodies. end up. in quarries. sob
  30. DAMN. They made it look like Benny killed himself?? So much nope.
  31. Lonnie you piece of shit don’t try to hug your son!
  32. Lucas. Be gentle towards 11 please! Don’t be a little bitch.
  33. Lonnie, you definitely ARE the asshole in this situation!
  34. I’m starting to like Hopper more! I’m glad he’s looking into Benny’s death.
  35. Somehow Nancy’s gonna get involved in these stranger things…why else would we care about her going to a party??
  36. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas’ definition of friends is adorable.
  37. Gurl. Barb. You. Are. So. Smart!
  38. Nancy. You. Are. So. Dumb!
  39. I need to know a little more about Hopper’s back story. What happened to his daughter? Why is he so tortured?
  40. Will’s hiding from the monster!!! Where?? Where did 11 see him?
  41. Loving Jonathan’s Canadian Tuxedo. Jk.
  42. I’m so bad at chugging beer. I end up spitting it out like a lameo.
  43. Poor Barb. I feel you gurl.
  44. Jonathan’s being a REAL CREEP.
  46. My heart hurts for Joyce.
  47. Again with the lights omg.
  48. No Joyce, your son’s not in that lightbulb.
  50. I would never go back in that house.
  51. Never ever.
  52. My poor sweet Barb.
  53. Jonathan. This is SO icky. You’re a perv in the making.
  54. Oh shit. What just happened to Barb?!?
  55. Is this monster thing omnipresent or something?? It’s seriously everywhere!
  56. That’s what happens when you ditch your friend to get laid, Nancy!
  57. Nancy and Barb. What is this the Golden Girls?
  58. That’s it?!?
  59. NO!
  60. Onto the next one.