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With Spencer’s re-commitment to football (of the college variety), he knows to make the deal happen he’s gotta go to the real money source: the Anderson brothers. Convalescing from a kidney transplant (bro-to-bro), the Andersons aren’t exactly keen to hear what Spence is spewing. $200 million ducats for 10 years of exclusive USC football seems excessive, even to the rich as eff Andersons. When Spencer drops the knowledge that star athlete (and money hungry teen) Quincy is all set to sign on the dotted line to USC, the Andersons start seeing those dollar signs also. The wildcard in all this: Quincy. Who is telling folks Ohio State is his number one choice. Oh my.

As for Joe and Reggie, they’re on the prowl to lock up skating crew Illegal Civilization. Instead of kowtowing to their whim, J&R go old school, tough love on the punks. They think they got through to them and the important marketing meeting with Pepsi is going well…until the Illegal Civilization foolios all take sips of ipecac and projectile vomit all over the Pepsi execs. Meeting adjourned.

Courtesy of Jeff Daly/HBO

In Ricky Jarrett’s nouveau riche neighborhood of south O.C., he, his baby’s mother, TTD and Daddy Jarrett head over to the Whites (who are uber white) for a barbecue. As with the majority of the nouveau riche, white Whites, the crowd is decidedly politically red (and racist). When the host insults Colin Kaepernick’s movement, Ricky goes off (rightly so) and is even angrier when his girl, TTD and his dad don’t automatically back him up. The major blowback from all of this: Ricky’s incendiary tweets reaching Rams’s management and Charles’s desk. Ruh-roh.

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And remember Spencer guaranteeing Q would be a Trojan? As it turns out, Ohio State didn’t take to kindly to that. On a “letting them down easy” trip, Spencer is stopped by the state police and shaken down by a booster named J.D. (Obba Babatundé). J.D. has a lot of pull and a lot of caché with the NCAA. The threat is real…

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