I feel like the title of this episode should have been “the apple doesn’t fall from the tree!” As much as Hayley might have tried to give Hope a normal childhood by calling her Marshall” instead of “Mikaelson,” Hope is just as strange, wild, and crazily unpredictable.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Remember how impressed I was last week that every single member of the cast got a moment?  I was shocked that no one (besides Davina) was left out.  Not only this, but everybody had their own bit of plot!  This was awesome considering it was still only 45 minutes long.

This week was an entirely other story!  While a lot happened and I’ve got my favorite scenes for sure, there were a whole lot of people we didn’t get to see!  Let’s review them real quick:

(1) Evidently, Kol and Davina are stile enjoying their wedded time away from New Orleans.  Who wants to bet that isn’t going to last much longer?

(2) Many fans might have been hoping that Caroline was going to stick around as Klaus’ temporary conscience.  This wasn’t meant to be, or at least, not yet.

(3) Rebecca must stile be nursing that broken heart of hers because she wasn’t around during this episode either.  She was the most surprising.  What with everything happening around Hayley’s disappearance, Klaus visiting his daughter, and Marcel returning to town, you would think she’d want to be involved.  Then again, maybe she is the smartest Mikaelson by staying away?

(4) Elijah is apparently still quite busy playing piano and since he didn’t have any sibling visits this episode, we didn’t get to see him.  Did the episode feel strange without him?  After all, he is one of those who has been around since the Mikaelson family was introduced in “Vampire Diaries.”

(5) Hayley, like Elijah, is a character that has been around since before the pilot.  Therefore, it was odd not having her balancing out the insanity of Klaus and keeping her werewolves in line.  Of course, by the time we reached the end of the episode, her absence made total, shocking sense.

And now, without further ado, let’s talk about the people we did see, the relationships that did implode, and the reunion scenes fan have been anticipating for ages!

Hope and Klaus: Daddy Issues Much?  

Klaus to Hope: You were such a sweet little girl.  Maybe I was always fated to leave you broken.

I was going to save this one for last, but since this is the one we’re all buzzing about, let’s start here!  Most viewers were waiting with baited breath for the adult version of Hope to meet her father.  Sure, we got to see flashbacks to when she’d visited him before and happened upon one of his bloodbaths.  This wasn’t enough.  We wanted to see them meet today, while Hope’s mother was missing.  We just didn’t expect it to happen in a kitchen as Hope saved the life of a cook.  (Is anybody else falling in love with Declan?)

I may be a reluctant fan of Hope Mikaelson up until now, but my opinions went through a transformation in this episode.  At first, I was mad at her for being so selfish.  She wanted to see her father despite all the danger it was bringing to New Orleans?  Did she not see all those crazy snakes and dead plants and blood?  Oh!  She did and didn’t care!  Obviously, “Originals” was going to make the youngest Mikaelson into a brat.  Got it.

But wait.  There was far more to it than that.  Hope Mikaelson had kidnapped her own mother in order to bring Klaus to town!  In the very first second, I thought this just made her more selfish . . . and yet . . . I then compared her behavior to her fathers. As Hope said, didn’t Klaus himself once lock his siblings away in coffins for their own good?  Was what Hope was doing so different?  It wasn’t.  Fans and Klaus alike had to realize that and it wasn’t a comfortable realization for anybody.

In the end, Hope isn’t a selfish girl who doesn’t care about anybody else.  She isn’t blind to the dangers she’s bringing to New Orleans.  She isn’t an unfeeling, reckless younger version of her father either.  No.  Hope Mikaelson wants to know her father loves her and once she knows that, she can forgive him for everything else.  She can forgive him for being absent in her life, for cutting off communication after she scryed into his slaughter, and forgive him for calling her “broken.”  She knows, at least a bit, of how badly Klaus’ father ruined him.  She must know (or at least I hope she does) just how terrified she is that he is going to ruin her too.

It wasn’t until the end of the episode, once Klaus has told Hope Hayley has truly gone missing, that Hope gets what she wants.  It takes Hope being scared, being a little girl afraid for her mother, for Klaus to finally kneel down, look in his daughter’s eyes, and say, “I love you.”  I personally think it is because she needed Klaus to protect her.  When his family needs him, the whole world better get out of Klaus Mikaelson’s way or he’ll burn that world down.

Hope and Marcel: Uncle Marcel is the Cutest Thing!  

Marcel to Hope: He might not have the worlds to tell you, but your father will love the very worst of you until the oceans are dust.  You are worth every sacrifice.  And you are good.  Show me anybody who says otherwise.  I’ll eat them!

I so did not see this relationship coming!  After all, if Marcel was off with Rebecca, how much of Hope’s past seven years could he have been a part of?  Regardless, it seems as if Marcel has somehow become an uncle to Hope.  I loved the way he talked to her at the compound.  Marcel listened to her point system that kept her following the rules and talked about it almost as a father would.  When she told him Klaus said she was broken and that she feared Klaus didn’t love her anymore, he talked her out of it.

Sometimes, the way Marcel speaks for Klaus makes me think of Elijah.  You might recall how, in a past post, I talked about how I think Marcel wants to be a Mikaelson.  At times, he’s acted like a son of Klaus.  At other times, like today, he’s acted like a brother.  He watches out for Hope in a way that’s loving and extremely protective.  It isn’t every uncle that can make a crying Hope laugh!

And finally, there was the hug between Marcel and Hope, a hug Marcel said he needed.  Josh had placed doubts in Marcel’s mind about Hope, about the safety of having Hope in New Orleans.  This scene wasn’t just for the purpose of cheering up a broken-hearted little girl.  It was also to help Marcel realize she needed his love and loyalty, not his fear.  For her, viewers saw Marcel put aside his broken heart over Rebecca and his need to be king again, all for the sake of being Uncle Marcel.

Freya and Keelin: When You Love a Mikaelson, You Cannot Love Anyone Else

Freya to Keelin: I can’t love my family and you at the same time.  I don’t want you to stay.

A lot of Mikaelson’s have had to learn the lesson that they cannot love anyone except another Mikaelson.  If they try, it will end in flames.  Rebecca learned this with Marcel and other suitors.  Kol learned this when he tried for Davina and may have to learn it again.  Klaus himself learned it when he loved Cami.

Freya hasn’t learned this lesson yet because she came into the Mikaelson family late.  She spent the last episode thinking she could have both her family and love.  In this latest episode, she found out the truth.  She can’t.  After talks of kids and futures, after getting Vincent to give Freya his best wishes, after packing an actual bag, Freya realizes she can’t go.  It isn’t that Hayley is missing and Klaus needs her magic.  No.  It’s that she can’t balance the love anymore.  Freya can’t watch Keelin put her life on hold as she waits for Freya to solve her family problems.

Keelin is a good girlfriend.  She tells Freya she’ll wait.  She says Freya is worth it and that she won’t go.  Freya makes her, tells she doesn’t want her here even as she’s breaking her own heart.

She may have learned the lesson late, but even Freya has to realize that a Mikaelson can only ever love a Mikaelson.

Josh and Marcel: And Just Where Did This Second in Command Come From?  

And here I thought that Marcel’s return to the city would be awkward!  Josh had somewhat moved in to be considered in charge.  I thought Marcel would throw that off.  Worse, I thought he would end up feeling threatened by Josh and maybe off him.  I think I didn’t give Marcel enough credit.  It seems that they’re becoming fast partners instead.  Could these two rule New Orleans together?

Roman and Hope: Cute Boyfriend Klaus will Eventually Kill or Bad Guy?  

Roman to Hope: Killer jammies.

Am I the only one who doesn’t trust this guy as far as I can throw him?  (And I don’t throw a lot of people) First, he sneaks up to Hope’s window.  Second, his reasons for being in her bedroom (being given permission too!) seemed super unreliable.  (He felt guilty about the bullying he did?) And finally, he keeps stalking her.  He seems cute at times and creepy at others.

Hope was right when she sent Roman running when her father showed up.  Is there any bigger protective father in the history of father’s than Klaus Mikaelson?

Questions for Next Time: 

What the hell happened to Hayley?

What the hell killed Hope’s hybrid, Henry, and strung him up in the Quarter?

Will Roman turn out to be a villain?  Why was he skulking around the Mikaelson home?

What will the consequences be to Marcel Josh now that Henry died?

How much of the prophecy Vincent received will come true?  Is it true that Hope will be the destruction of everything or the thing that saves it?

Is Vincent falling in love with a psychic?  And if so, will she survive the season?

Will Keelin fight Freya’s decision to end their relationship?

And finally, how many of us fans are now going to have nightmares of being bricked up in a wall and singing to ourselves to stay calm while we slowly desiccate? Just me?  Okay.  Never mind.