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**This article contains spoilers for “Shifting Sands” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

Who’s the Hobbit?”

The 100 kept its strong momentum going, as Octavia started to plan her war against the Eligius crew. Let’s face it…Octavia is essentially an antagonist (at least in regards to the rest of our friendly cast) at this point. What she had experienced on the bunker, and the things she did to lead those people to survival, have clearly changed her drastically. I mean according to her she can’t love anyone—even if she herself has shown some weakness on that front. That being said, at the end of the episode she upright threatened her brother. That’s some serious stuff, and could suggest the Octavia we once knew may be long.

Octavia’s determination to wipe the Eiligius crew recklessly moved forward even after multiple warnings from Clarke. Octavia was going to have her war, and no one could talk her out of it. It was nice seeing further bonding between Bellamy and Clarke, even if it came at the cost of them realizing how bad the situation with Octavia is/could get—even though Clarke did point out how admirable WonKru was. Octavia and her loyal army wasn’t the only threat they had to worry about—as we had some seriously creepy sand worms try to kill our crew. The show handled their introduction very well, and you could feel the horror inspirations creeping in. Having to rip one out of Octavia though was particularly harsh.

While everyone in the ground was marching, we also got to catch up with Raven and John—who were both being tortured for locking the crew out of the missile launch codes. Turns out though, that Shaw was behind it all. His non-prisoner past is what has been seeing him butt heads with Diyoza—and we learn that his ability to pilot the ship is the only reason they kept him alive. Shaw is an interesting and tricky character, and you never know where his actions might land. Like how he unexpectedly double crossed Raven’s plan to save their friends from the missiles.

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This so call plan though actually worked out, despite Shaw’s backstab—all thanks to John. Running out of the ship with his prisoner neck monitor still on, John quickly runs into the gang that was hiding out in the woods. While he was able to give the warning he needed to, we got some fun scenes as he met Maddie. It’s always great to learn about Maddie’s perspective on the crew, but something tells me that she is going to be disappointed when she meets Octavia. While John got his hero moment in getting the warning to Monty, he also got to make another sacrificial move so that the warning could reach Bellamy. He won’t be alone in going back though, as Emori had decided to stick with him. It looks like things could be looking up for the two of them.

Good thing for Clarke and company, the warning made it to them just in time. Diyoza got to fire her missiles. It was really cool seeing her shock, and clear admiration of WonKru and their survival instincts and loyalty. She was so impressed, that after Diyoza’s talk with Kane, we are led to believe they may end up helping everyone in some way. This is an interesting swerve in their story, and one in very much invested in seeing what comes next.

Speaking of Kane, both him and Abbey played a key role in advancing our knowledge of the Eligius crew—even if it was a little disconnected from all of the other intense plot lines. Abbey was forced to treat a rather scary psychopath, and try to uncover and treat his ailment. It’s here that we run straight into the motivations of everyone on Eligius—members of their crew have an unknown sickness that is killing them, and no doctor has been able to even identify it. Its great to get that critical piece of intel, as further fleshing out their motivations only betters the characters and story. I also enjoy how it plays right into the show’s themes  about survival—and there not being any good guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Diyoza is hiding the fact that her live depends on finding this cure as well.

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The 100 continued to excel as we got some intense scenes, and some really close calls—with an added side dish of Abbey’s medical conclusions. With everyone reunited now, tensions are bound to rise as past struggles and struggles resurface. I mean you guys saw Octavia’s death glare at Echo. More importantly though, what will Diyoza’s next move be?

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Bonus Notes:

  • If we have deadly sand worms, what else could possibly be out there after the world ended?
  • You know who else gave Echo a look at the end of the episode? Poor ol’ Clarke.
  • Kane giving intel on Octavia is an interesting direction for him, but it makes sense given how she has changed.

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