The much-anticipated fall line up has come and this week we finally get to sit back and see which ones come out good, bad and ugly.

million little things boys

Photo source: ABC

A Million Little Things is a mash-up of This is Us with the timeless comedy Friends.  This drama is hoping to be a real tear-jerker.  The premise is the journey of four friends Jon (Ron Livingston), Gary (James Roday), Rome (Romany Malco) and Eddie (David Giuntoli).  Years before, they met in an elevator and created a bond.  From that moment they spend the proceeding years attending Boston Bruins games as season ticket holders.

But as fate would have it, life happened and Jon ends up committing suicide.  Jon was larger than life character, and the crew is left wondering what led him to end his life.  Much like This is Us,  the show will jump around in time to create narratives and investigate deeper into their friendship along with their own personal hardships.

million little things cast

Photo source: ABC

From the first promo, I was sold on the concept.  Granted there is the fear that the show will become too much like This is Us, that it won’t be able to differentiate, but my hope is that they will find a fresh way to create storylines and characters that captivate me.  I was impressed by the cast that they assembled.

So guys, before you watch the first episode, do yourself a favor.  Buy the Costco tissues in preparation for this show.  I’ll be here every week recounting what happened and my take on the show. Here’s hoping for a great new drama for the fall of 2018.