Family Guy has made it to San Diego Comic Con 2019! Family Guy is a show on Fox and has been going for 20 years and has been at SDCC for at least 9 years.

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According to Family Guy on Fox’s twitter there is copies of “Inside Family Guy” at SDCC in Toddlandstore booth number 4429 and HarperCollins booth number 1029. Better grab yours before they are gone to read inside information on the show Family Guy! There is a bunch of other stuff for sale at the booths. They even have Rupert teddy bears! You can also buy SDCC merchandise online ( to pick up at the booth.

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According to Seth McFarland there is a movie of Family Guy coming out. He doesn’t know when but it is on his to do list. He promised ad SDCC. Alex Borstein shared how much she loves working on Family Guy. She still loves getting the scripts for Family Guy. She also promised never to leave the show stating “I would be an idiot”, meaning if she left.

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When asked if they would ever do another Star Wars parody Seth McFarland expressed that it was a lot of work. He went on to say that he would rather parody Indiana Jones before another Star Wars. Alex Borstein voiced her support in this endeavor just so she can voice Marion Ravenwood.

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Alex Borstein even sang a song in Lois’s voice dedicated to Meg and Chris. Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland among other voices sang with her in Herbert the Pervert’s voice. Let me tell you something, it was definitely interesting to hear. Just so you don’t miss it here it is:

My daughter and I loved the trailer for the new season coming out. Here it is:

If you went to SDCC I hope you had fun. Tell me about your experience in the comments below. Til next week…