While living two lives. How do they never look tired? Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Damian Darhk’s wife is the mayor and wants Laurel to be the new District Attorney. She wants to keep an eye on Laurel and keep her close, while Laurel thinks it’s a good idea to keep an eye on Darhk’s wife.

As we know Andy is working with Hive, Andy tells Arrow’s team about a convoy delivery. Diggle and Arrow go to stop the convoy and meet with Andy. They go and quite easily stop the convoy. Way to easy for Arrow’s liking. His thought process was spot on, as back at the base, Malcolm Merlin and members of the League of Assassins broke in to steal back Damian Darhk’s idol. Laurel and Thea aren’t able to stop all the members of the attack and Malcolm steals the idol back. Oliver believes that Andy has set them up and still working for the enemy. Diggle wants to believe his brother is good and doesn’t believe Oliver. Andy wants to prove he is on the team and says where he thinks Darhk will be next. They go to a warehouse, Diggle brings Andy with him, they are on the hunt, a trap sets up and pins a number of the team behind a wall, but Andy dives in front of and takes an arrow for the Arrow.

Despite taking an arrow, Oliver doesn’t trust Andy and thinks he is playing the team. When Malcolm and Darhk realizes that the idol was missing a piece, and Diggle was the one to handle and hide it himself, Andy was on the hunt. Andy was searching like crazy at John’s house. Arrow came in to see Andy searching for something, he threatens Andy, even torturing him by shoving a finger in his arrow hole. Diggle comes home and sees what’s going on and says he is going to shoot Arrow where the kevlar can’t protect and sides with Andy.

The prison is having an uprising at the hands of Darhk so all of team Arrow is heading to the prison to put a stop to it. Thea ventured off to battle with Malcolm Merlin, but Malcolm gets the better of Thea, as Thea can’t seem to follow the blood lust anymore and Malcolm says he will not lose to her as long as that happens. He runs off, meanwhile Diggle, Andy, Arrow and Black Canary are trying to stop Darhk, they get caught. At this point Andy is let go and able to give the missing piece that he found from his brother to Darhk to make the idol complete again. Darhk gets his powers back and it looks bad for the team.

Speedy catches up and shoots Darhk with two arrows. He is about to die and he goes to the idol and says he needs a sacrifice, he ends up stealing the essence of a guard to regain his strength. Darhk says that he made a promise to detective Lance 9 months ago if he betrayed him he would do something. He wants detective Lance to know he is a man of his word and walks up to and shanks Laurel in the stomach.

At the hospital Laurel battles hard. You can sort of tell she is saying her goodbyes to everyone. She tells Oliver that he was the love of her life, and it is OK that she was not the love of his life. She shortly starts to have a seizure. The doctors come in and try to save her, but they were not able to and they pronounced her dead, all before her father detective Lance had a chance to see her and say goodbye.