I loved this episode, from start to finish. From the puns in the title to the karaoke scenes with the cast, the episode was wonderful to watch.

The karaoke was especially great, as it allowed for the talents of Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, Carl Lumbly, and Mehcad Brooks. Even if most of their characters were drunk, the singing talent of this cast is impeccable.

This helped me realize that Jeremy Jordan is a Broadway star, a fact I wasn’t familiar with until watching Supergirl.

In terms of plot, we witness the demise of the Toy Man. At his funeral, as the bomb goes off, exploding the villainous man’s coffin, I was still convinced until the last moment that Winn Schott Sr. was still alive.

Winn’s estranged Mom returns and Winn is understandably furious. It’s revealed that Winn Schott Sr. was abusive towards his mother and she left to maintain the safety of their son. I just wish she didn’t wait twenty years to become a part of Winn’s life again.

Of course, Mary discovers through an incident with robotic flying monkeys that Winn works as a DEO tech dude with Supergirl. Winn’s smarts weren’t just gifted to him by his late father, but also his mother. I love seeing more and more female characters understanding science and using their talents to help people.

The woman who carried out the Toy Man’s murderous wishes post-humously was annoying. I don’t even care to mention her name here. But the life-sized toy box to trap Kara inside was genius.


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Like Kara, I still want to know how exactly Mon-El was able to disappear a life-sized T-Rex robot with his cape. Is it like the bag that Hermione cast the Undetectable Extension Charm on? Or maybe the T-rex will get sent elsewhere in the future?

The sad developments of M’yrnn J’onzz’s advancing dementia are heartbreaking. I was happy that Alex was able to let M’yrnn confide in her during the dinner party regarding the worsening of his condition. And I feel terrible that J’onn has to work even harder to protect his father, and the memories he’s losing fast as the Martian elder ages.

The hug between J’onn and Alex says it all though.

I continue to roll my eyes every time Kara and Mon-El get close to flirting, and whenever James mentions he’s into Lena. Because one former relationship sours my taste, and the latter simply doesn’t work. Lena and James have NO chemistry. James and Kara had immense chemistry in season 1. I’d much rather witness that then the relationship that seemingly unfolded out of nowhere.

In conclusion, the threat of Pestilence is revealed by Mon-El, as Brainy and Imra are determined to beat her in the present to avoid the evolution of the World Killer into Blight in the future. It’ll make for so awesome battle scenes in the coming episodes.

Although I’m rewatching the latter half of season 3 so as to report my findings here on the blog, I will say that the reveal of Sam being in quarantine within L-Corp as Lena looks over her was a development that sent me into shock. The seamless introduction of how Lena is able to study a test subject makes me enjoy her character even more, as the next episode depicts how Lena runs tests on Sam to gain a stronger hold over Reign.