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**This review contains spoilers for “Target: Iron Fist” and events that occurred in Marvel Netflix shows prior**

“Faith is not a commodity that I trade in any more.”

Typhoid Mary is here–about time, too!  After a slow build up, she has now been revealed. Alice Eve is taking a very unique approach in her performance of the character, a deviation very similar to one that Vincent D’Onofrio did with Wilson Fisk. I like it. I really like it; it’s very unsettling, and it works well since we know so little about her entire situation. Now we know more though, and it’s all very intriguing. Seeing Walker so on edge, and essentially scared of her other innocent persona, was fascinating. We didn’t go on this journey of discovery alone, however.

Joy got front row seats with us to Walker’s scary situation (maybe she should have kept Davos).  It was great to see that stone-cold confidence in Joy persist, until she realized what was happening.  It was at that moment that you could see that confidence shatter. After seeing how bold Joy has been, it was quite the shock to actually see her shaken. Yet she still held her ground, enough to still get Walker on board with their secret plan. To further prove the point that she is an entirely different Joy Meachum, she very brutally slapped away Wards’s olive branch. I think there is a good chance that we will see some regret down the line from her, but currently she is so dead-set on her vengeance that nothing will get in it’s way.

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Sacha Dhawan as Davos (left) and Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum (right). Photo courtesy of

While Joy dealt with Walker, and vice versa, Davos had his own part of the plan to attend to. Davos is one ruthless man on a mission. After slaughtering his way through the dockyard warehouse, he arrived at his much longed for shipment: a long dead Iron Fist (in full uniform too!). It’s been fairly clear what Davos’ motives are, but it was still surprising to see a dead Iron Fist as the payload. Even more surprising, was to see Davos cut into him. It’s the beginning of the birth of The Steel Serpent, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The story in general has really peaked, and is helping to correct many of the gripes I have mentioned in earlier episodes. Most of the focus this episode was thrown on our villains. But what about our heroes? Well a lot was happening with them, but the biggest development was Misty showing up! She brings some hypocrisy with her though. While she seems to have all of the extended patience in the world for Luke and what he does, that does not seem to extend to Danny. She gives them the nice little nugget of information that their charades ruined an official police operation—which honestly was a really nice twist to throw in there. It does a good job at giving consequences to Danny and Colleen playing peacemaker.

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Finn Jones as Iron Fist. Photo courtesy of

Danny got himself into plenty of trouble this episode—some very exciting trouble. Thankfully, Finn’s performance was fine this time around as he refused to stand down on the case, especially after learning of Davos’ involvement. Things really went sideways for him though. Not only did he miss Davos at the shipping container, but he also got a formal introduction to Walker—who kicked his ass (in a sequence that was wonderfully done as well). Then he wakes up to a ritual ceremony with Davos threatening to take the Fist. His day could have been better—and things certainly won’t get easier.  Character-wise, I think the best thing for Danny this episode was realizing that not only did he ruin a police operation, but he also hospitalized a cop. Consequences–even negative ones–are good, and will hopefully bring Danny some further character development.

Things really sped up this week as the show had it’s best episode yet. The villains got the focus, and across the board got the winning moves—besting the heroes. We finally got some meaty information and scenes with Mary/Walker as her situation was revealed, and Joy’s plan was finally set in motion as Davos made a move for the Fist. Everything has picked up, and I really hope the story continues with this new-found momentum.

Bonus Notes:

  • I really hope that the old full Iron Fist costume makes its way to Danny.
  • The Ward and Joy scene was fantastic and rather heartbreaking.
  • “Why is it every time with you two, weird shit happens.”


You can catch Iron Fist Season 2 available now on Netflix.