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This week, we saw the best that You’re the Worst has to offer. While the show has always been, at its heart, a dark comedy, no single episode has been as dark, as moving and as meaningful as this one. A bottle episode, so named because the entire episode takes place on a single set with a small group of core cast-members, the episode saw the central characters under a great deal of stress and tension, which made for incredible storytelling as we finally found out what has been bothering Gretchen for a handful of episodes.

This week, the characters are stranded at Jimmy’s house because of the LA marathon, which has crippled traffic and closed streets. Gretchen, feeling trapped, suggests that they walk to breakfast, but this is Los Angeles, no one walks. So instead she dances… and drinks… a lot, until she has exhausted the supply of liquor in the household.

The confinement becomes a real problem when the booze dries up and Gretchen becomes loses all patiences with the situation. Spiraling out of control, Gretchen lashes out at each of her friends before heading to her bedroom and collapsing on her bed in a fit of sobs. There, Lindsay comforts Gretchen as Gretchen explains that her clinical depression (the first we’ve heard of it) has returned, and that she is afraid to tell her boyfriend that her brain “is broken.”

It is rare that mental health is examined on television. And no where has it been done as masterfully as it was here. This episode was real and it was heartbreaking. As the episode ended, Gretchen admitted her depression to Jimmy and explained that he would not be able to fix her. And as an audience member I was left shocked at the admission and comforted by the delicate way that this very real issue was handled.

In lieu of one-liners this week, I have opted to link you to an interview with the brilliant Aya Cash, who brought me to tears this week with her very real portrayal of a woman suffering from depression:

So Funny It Hurts: ‘You’re The Worst’ Star On Her Character’s Clinical Depression


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