When I think about cozy games, I generally gravitate to farming sims. There is something relaxing about the monotony that comes with tilling land, sowing seeds, and watering your crops until they are ready for harvest. However, I do find myself trying to branch out more. This pun will be even more clever when you hear about the cozy sim of the day! Today, we are talking about Garden Life.

garden life
Source: Garden Life’s Steam Page

Garden Life’s Plot

Nacon, the publisher of Garden Life, describes their game as a “first of its kind” experience. I would have to say I agree with that sentiment. This title appears to be about real-world experience based on the trailers and limited information. Players will utilize real gardening techniques, and through procedural generation, players will see plants that look and feel like the real deal. Overall, it is a big step in the right direction for cozy sims.


Players will use a grid-free placement to create the garden of their dreams. Due to the procedural generation mentioned above, every plant is unique and will adapt to the environment. However, that does not mean you can neglect the plants! One’s garden will only flourish if they take care of it properly. Players must check their watering schedules, fertilizer, and trimming needs, from seedlings to full-blown trees. When players breed plants, they can also discover new varieties.

When players are not busy tending to their gardens, they can meet their neighbors. This colorful cast of characters will make requests but will also give rewards. These include new plant varieties, tools, and decorations. These decorations will help make your outdoor haven even more relaxing. Cozy games are all about the ambiance. The developer ensured that the world was full of soothing music and sights. Did I mention there is also a cat pal? Ultimately, Garden Life is a game all about relaxing in your outdoor space.

Thoughts on Garden Life

I have always wanted a beautiful green, lush garden. However, I live in a desert that is often punishing and unforgiving. Plus, the only plant I have ever kept alive is my pothos Gary, who mostly likes being left alone. Garden Life feels like a way I can make this dream a reality without feeling bad that I cannot keep green beans alive in 115-degree heat. Nacon also mentioned that they wanted to capture the Studio-Ghibli Art Style, and I saw it. When looking at the screenshots for this game, I want to be in this world. One full of beauty and garden gnomes. Plus, who would not want a sweet virtual cat friend? Ultimately, I am excited to learn more about this game and hope you will join me in the garden.

Odds & Ends

Garden Life is still currently in development, with a tentative release date in 2024. Players will be able to play this title on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, and the Nintendo Switch. If you want to learn more about this title, head to its Steam page. Another game to keep an eye on is Garden Witch Life. It is also currently in development, but I wrote about it here if you want to look.