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The entire idea of branching Anderson Sports Management into the extreme sports arena was capital gain, not capital irritation. With Spencer and Joe dealing with a massively annoying man-baby in Lance, Spence also deals with the lingering emotional fallout from his brother’s suicide.

The acquisition of Sports X was supposed to be a slam dunk, but its Ballers-nothing is ever easy. With the team making a skater video, Lance’s lack of propriety when it comes to the financial side of things comes to the forefront. Sports X sold for a song to APM because they were underwater financially (but with the potential for massive gains). With Lance thinking he’s F. Gary Gray, the skateboard video budget gets blown out of proportion. A $1M proportion. Needless to say, Spencer and Joe are supremely pissed.

Courtesy of HBO

We hadn’t seen much of Vernon and sidekick Reggie and this episode didn’t disappoint with their shenanigans. When Vernon comes home to Compton for his high school Jersey retirement, Reggie worries about the vultures waiting for a handout. No sooner do they step onto their old campus when the principal (an enthusiastic and funny Ernie Hudson) goes in: hacking up a lung due to asbestos, putting Vernon in a desk chair that collapses. The pitfalls go on and on and Reggie sees the dollar signs flowing out, out, out. At the jersey retirement-which turns into a field naming in honor of Vernon-they discuss donating something to their alma mater and feeling sentimental, Reggie says let’s do it. As Vernon gives his thank you and acceptance speech, he stuns the crowd with a donation of $1MM to the school. And Reggie darn near has a heart attack.

With the bad taste of Lance’s excessive video in their minds, Spencer and Joe take a road trip to his Palm Springs home. Dealing with his attitude and overwhelming narcissism for all of 2 minutes, Spencer crushes his toes and utters words they may end up regretting, “You’re fired.” Oh my…

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