We open to Katy working on a dress with Guy for the Met Gala. Jorge is still mourning Bernardo. Katy gets her letter from Parsons and it’s bad news. She wasn’t accepted. Katy is crushed but is putting on a brave face.

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Amanda is mad because both Amanda and Katy are head shoppers for Lacy’s. Amanda feels that the position should be hers and hers alone. Pepper’s wife, Hannah, is working hard to destroy her life. Canceling meetings on Pepper’s behalf and showing up instead. Hannah is competing with Pepper by opening a place just like the Pepper Plant but called the Hannah House. Pepper wants to rush ahead to launch hers first but she needs capitol so she asks Alexander. She says Josie and the Pussycats can be the house band. Jorge’s brother stops in to see him. He wants him to come to dinner but Jorge doesn’t want to because of his Dad’s attitude about him dressed in drag. The person who Guy has been designing the Met Gala dress for hates it.

Alexander doesn’t know if he wants to invest in the Pepper Plant. Josie is going to talk to her but Alexander is now cut off from his dad so his money is limited. Francois and Mrs. Lopez, Jorge’s mom, are over at Jorge’s and trying to get him ready for another big number. Mrs. Lopez is unhappy because Mr. Lopez and Jorge aren’t talking. When Jorge deflects the oncoming guilt trip, Francois suggests he not fight family because there are bigger issues. He agrees to try to work stuff out with his dad. Alexander wrote Pepper the check to invest and Josie gave it to her. This is going to be bad. I can feel it. KO comes in to get dressed for the Met Gala and ends up punching Guy.

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Guy is now MIA and Casey, the gal he is designing the dress for the Gala for, is there for the fitting. Katy must not let her know that anything is wrong and the Gala is tomorrow. Jorge went to dinner at his parent’s place and it ended badly even though his brother was able to tell them the caught the man who beat him and Bernardo up. Coming out of the lineup process, Jorge and Bernardo see each other and Bernardo wants to talk. As much as Jorge wants Bernardo back, and Bernardo wants him back, Jorge feels he needs to work on himself and not be in a relationship. Guy is found at the police station when he should be walking Casey into the Gala.

Pepper got bottles of water ready to pass out at the Gala. She doesn’t look like herself that’s for sure. Pepper convinces Hannah to have a drink. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. KO apologizes Katy for punching Guy and is so sweet to her but walks down the carpet with Alexandria. That’s ok. She got her comeuppance for her BS. Josie and the Pussycats made an impromptu show as she was being interviewed on the carpet.

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What happened with Guy and the dress? What happens with Jorge and his family? Is Pepper going to get out the debacle with Hannah? This episode was much better. They were able to touch on everyone but it didn’t feel so cluttered. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…