Listen. There are four things in life I am passionate about above all else: cute animals, good food, a cold drink at the end of the day, and horror stories that make my skin crawl. So, when I was sitting at work and happened upon a paranormal and true crime podcast called “And That’s Why We Drink,” you can bet your ass I clicked play. And when I discovered that one of the hosts uses the word “listen” as frequently as I do, I knew I’d fallen in love. I’ve never listened to podcasts much because I couldn’t find something that consistently catered to my interests, but ATWWD manages to hit on all four of those passions I mentioned during each episode. (Unless you don’t count milkshakes as food. In which case, you’ve obviously never lived your best life and tried a pie shake at Shari’s.)

And That's Why We Drink

And That’s Why We Drink: A Paranormal and True Crime Podcast

And That’s Why We Drink is hosted by Christine Shiefer and Em Schultz, with occasional appearances by Christine’s dog. Christine generally handles true crime stories and drinks, probably too much, boxed wine (an icon), while Em sips on a milkshake and takes joy in hearing Christine gasp with every paranormal story they tell. I’ve always been more partial toward paranormal stories because true crime gets a little too real (thanks for that story about Edmund Kemper, Christine), but…y’all. These twisted little weirdos could tell me a story about observing a walnut for four hours and I would be enthralled, so anything goes at this point. Their full bios can be found on the ATWWD website.

Okay, let’s crack into this and give you some reasons to start listening to ATWWD:

  • Christine has a dog named Gio, a.k.a Baby G. I could elaborate on this, but all you really need to know is that Gio is adorable and Em WILL make sure you know it every time he’s mentioned.
  • Em went to clown school when they were a teenager and took on the alter ego “Sassy the Clown.” They’re currently the only clown I can think of with zero creep factor.
  • Christine’s gasp when she hears unfathomable paranormal stories is iconic. You’ll want to record it an set it as a text tone.
  • A lot of Christine’s drunk phrases and inside jokes from the podcast will find a way to creep into your own vocabulary. You will not have any regrets. At least I didn’t when I threw a bunch of those jokes into this article.
  • They listen to and interact with their fans…like, for real, Em and Christine will take suggestions for potential stories as well as read personal accounts from fans during their Listener Episodes once a month. Plus, they have a cult following that emerged quickly from their “secret” Facebook page and it’s evolved into multiple fan pages that bring fans together!
  • Em and Christine both speak eloquently, except for when they don’t want to. Which means that they can tell a story with a straight face and proper enunciation, but there’s going to be a lot of jokes and curse words thrown in there. Their vibrant, expressive personalities are enhanced by all the milkshakes and boxed wine, and it’s going to be difficult to not burst out laughing while you listen to them say stupid shit.
  • Listen from the beginning and you will embark on an adorable journey that showcases the solidification of true friendship. The hosts had hardly known each other before deciding to go galavanting off to L.A. to start a podcast, so they’re learning about each other each week. And anyone who knows what it’s like to build a friendship like this knows that it’s extremely satisfying to push each others “uncomfortable” buttons…perfect for a podcast that discusses things like disembodied feet each week.
  • Hello? Fresh? Are you listening? The ATWWD podcast has several sponsors who offer discounts to listeners! The best part about this is that even if you have no intention of taking these discounts, you’ll probably want to listen to the advertisement anyway just because Em and Christine always find a way to make it hilarious.

Overall, And That’s Why We Drink delivers some dark and disturbing material in a way that is easier to comprehend and come to terms with. I highly, highly, recommend listening from the first episode onward because if you start with the most recent episodes you will absolutely not understand half the humor these gorgeous hosts spew.

So, unless you smell like a dead fuckin’ body (MEGAN), you’ve got to start listening to And That’s Why We Drink. You’ll rack up reasons to drink faster than you realize because of the content, but you’ll also be biting your tongue trying not to laugh at the same time. I’m sorry, but if you love paranormal and true crime stories and you don’t listen to ATWWD, you won’t be living your best life.

You can also find Em and Christine on Twitter and Instagram if you want to stalk them, and you can get all the merch your heart desires on their website — even Gio themed items! As always, you can reach out to me on Twitter and let me know whether you’re on Team Wine or Team Milkshake. Either way, slide into my DMs and tell me why YOU drink!