Happy New Year Nerds! We are so glad to be back and have a great year planned out for you. To start 2021 off, I sat down with a communication expert and creator of the Youtube Channel, Master Talks, Brenden Kumarasamy. He also used to play League of Legends professionally. In this episode, we are chatting all about using your nerd powers to your advantage and being a better nerd this year.

We start the conversation off with the question of why should we even want to try to be better this year after such a horrible 2020? The answer is simple. Time. It’s our enemy in this situation. You can get those years back. There are no do-overs so. Instead, you have to reinvest it. Those who did this already are ahead of the game. Which brings up the next question, where do you even start? Brenden’s advice to define what happiness to you is. Make a list of 5 things that make you happy daily. The important part is that you mustn’t use someone else’s list because the point is they should be things that make YOU happy. He also brings up the famous Warren Buffett Focus Framer, where you write a list of 20 things you want to do with your life and then reduce that list to your top 5 to focus on. The theory is where your focus goes, the energy flows. While 2020 might have been a huge dumpster fire for most of us. Brenden chooses to see the positive in the situation by stating it’s an opportunity to win. Because let’s be honest, if you can win in this market, you are doing great!

This brings up my point that 2021 should be a huge influx of indie content, books, television series, movies, and just new people in general. All these were the people who “reinvested” their year with hard work. So how can nerds really play on their strengths and get over the fear that you won’t please everyone? The reality is nerds have to embrace their quirks. They also need to realize that not every opinion matter. The fear, though, is normal. It’s the way our brain is wired for survival. Ex: In order to be cool like everyone else I have to have the newest gaming system to play. The reality is you really don’t need it but in order to be “liked” we must have it. Brenden brings up a great fact that I’ve been saying on the daily since we started TGON, “Your unique gifts are the sum of what everyone finds crazy about you.” Essentially, your “insanity” is your super-power. He does a great job of using this example with his ability to karaoke in five different languages. The conversation then moves onto what pop culture characters we emulate or are most like? We talk about the beauty of media and fandoms, and how it allows us to connect to characters we want to be like or not like. We then move onto nerdy quotes or analogies that we may use often. Brenden’s go to in communications is the jigsaw analogy. We all usually do the edges first and then filled the center. Public speaking should be the same way. Build the edges of our speech or presentation so they are solid, then work on the middle part.

We also touch on how nerds can put themselves out there and get over their fear. The easiest answer is don’t sell someone to you who doesn’t want to be sold. Ex. You wouldn’t sell cupcakes to a person who eats nothing but celery. Find the people who are like you and talking about the same things you want to talk about. Brenden goes on to discuss how he’s grown Master talk by connecting with his fans with dinners. He’s a firm believer that if you spend time with the people who genuinely care about your content, you will become unstoppable. You’re parents don’t have to support your “crazy” idea. It’s not up to them to figure out what makes you happiest. It’s up to you.

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