With the mid-season finale just one episode away, HTGAWM is setting us up for the big reveal of this season’s central mystery: who is the victim at Caplan & Gold? Episode 7 (“Nobody Roots For Goliath”) brings us one step closer (and 48 hours away from) the crime, and splits its time between Annalise’s confirmation hearing drama and the Keating Five’s relationship drama.

After a surprise (and incredibly unprofessional) visit from Isaac’s ex Jacqueline, Annalise has decided that she can no longer see Isaac for therapy. Jacqueline told Annalise that Isaac is being triggered by having her as a patient since their daughter committed suicide. She even suspects that Isaac may be using again. Jacqueline, who is an addiction specialist, offers to take on Annalise as a patient. We later learn that their doctor-patient relationship is on-paper only, for the sake of the disciplinary board. And it’s official now: there is not a single therapist on this show that gives a shit about professional ethics.

Isaac does not take the news well and kind of loses it on Annalise, insisting that she is going to relapse if she stops seeing him. The whole situation is reminding Annalise of what happened with Sam and she feels like she’s getting too close to Isaac. I’ve been not-so-secretly hoping for Annalise and Isaac to get into some overly dramatic, toxic relationship, and in this episode it really seems like there’s something brewing between them. It wouldn’t be the first time Annalise fell for her therapist, and Isaac seems a bit too insistent that she stay with him.

The class action is moving along and Annalise has got more than the requisite number of plaintiffs. At the certification hearing, the attorney general has decided to attack Annalise’s character to try to derail the case—even using some shady tactics straight out of the Annalise Keating playbook. He presents as evidence a photograph of Annalise holding a bottle of scotch, trying to claim she is drinking again, but it was a staged photo. Someone put the bottle on Annalise’s car and snapped the shot before she threw it away. Also, everyone knows that Annalise drinks vodka so somebody didn’t do their homework.

annalise court

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Annalise makes an interesting choice she goes to Denver and tells him that they have a common enemy in the attorney general. He ends up helping her by convincing some woman in his office to perjure herself on the stand and tell the court that she set up the photo. Annalise is backsliding a bit in her quest to be a good, honest person but I can’t really blame her because the attorney general started it. He even arranged to have someone break into her house and leave a bottle of vodka in her kitchen. Annalise goes to Nate’s and he actually lets her stay the night with him (on the couch). But the offer comes with a lecture—because all Nate does these days is lecture people about the shitty things they do—and he tells her that he’s concerned she’s up to her old tricks. It’s obvious that Nate still cares for Annalise, and vice-versa, but for Nate’s sake I hope he keeps it platonic because he’s the only person on this show that isn’t a total disaster.

Bonnie, who is still on her quest to destroy Annalise, goes to the attorney general and offers up her assistance. She has him call Isaac to the stand but it backfires because Isaac lies and testifies that Annalise is all good and he’s not at all concerned about her relapsing. This is, of course, complete bullshit, but it works and the class action is certified. Afterward, Nate continues his lecture tour and calls Bonnie out for seeing Isaac and having the AG call him to the stand. She also gets an earful from the AG who is not happy that Bonnie’s plan didn’t work. At this point, Bonnie really needs to take Nate’s advice and just stop because she’s really not very good at doing dirt on her own. It was one thing when she had Annalise’s guidance but her solo efforts are pretty weak.

isaac stand

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After his blatant perjury, Annalise goes to Isaac’s and straight up asks him if he’s using heroin. She also asks if she’s triggering him. Isaac wants to know where she’s getting all this from and asks her if it was Bonnie but she says no and tells him it was his ex. Annalise also tells Isaac that she’s still hurting people and he tells her that none of it is her fault—something that reminds her of what Sam used to say—and I really thought they were finally gonna make out but it didn’t happen.

In the land of the Keating Five, the two who spent the season blissfully unaware of Laurel’s “Take Down Daddy” plan—Asher and Connor—are finally brought into the loop, for better or worse. Probably worse, especially in Asher’s case since we know that he somehow ends up sobbing uncontrollably in a jail cell in two days’ time. Perhaps even more troubling is that we’ve still yet to see Connor in the flash-forward sequences, and while I don’t think he’s the victim, I think it’s safe to say that his newfound happiness working alongside Annalise and experiencing domestic bliss with Oliver is about to blow up in his face. Because this is HTGAWM and Connor isn’t allowed to be happy ever.

connor annalise

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Finally—after season upon season of relationship drama—Oliver and Connor seem to be a functional, normal couple. Of course, Oliver is keeping mad secrets from Connor, but for now Connor is blissfully unaware of this fact, enjoying his blanket fort time with Oliver and his work with Annalise. Things aren’t so rosy with Asher and Michaela. He’s still furious that she lied to him and decides to tell Frank about Laurel’s plan. Much to my surprise, Frank—who is usually all about doing stupid, dangerous shit—is not down with it. Like Annalise, Frank is really trying to do the right thing these days and he tells the squad that they should just go to the cops. But Laurel knows that her dad will be able to buy and/or kill his way out of anything and the only way to take him down is to leak the documents and tank the IPO. Laurel uses Frank’s undying love for her as a way to get him to go along with the plan and he agrees because of course he does.

The plan is to do it at the office party when everyone will be distracted and drunk. Michaela still doesn’t want to betray Tegan by stealing her security card so Oliver, who has just gotten access to Awful Simon’s computer when he helped him deal with a virus, reluctantly agrees to use Simon’s login to do their dirt. He feels really bad about it because apparently Simon is at risk of being deported, and I know I’m probably supposed to feel bad for Simon in this situation but he’s just such an asshole that I kind of don’t care.

the squad

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Meanwhile, Asher’s insecurities are absolutely out of control and he gets in a fight with Michaela. He feels like she cares more about Laurel than she does about him and that she’s only with him until she can find someone better. He’s obsessed with the fact that she still has her wedding dress in the closet, but to be fair it’s a Vera Wang that cost $20K so I get it. But to Asher it symbolizes the fact that she’s still hung up on the kind of life (and husband) that she used to want. Michaela, who actually does love Asher, ends up destroying the dress with ketchup to prove to Asher that she’s all-in on their relationship. It’s a nice gesture but, like, maybe just sell the dress and put that $20K in the bank?

michaela dress

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Meanwhile, Laurel seems to be warming up to the idea of Frank being her baby daddy and takes a DNA swab for a paternity test. I know I’ve said this a million times but I just really want the baby to be Frank’s. Back in their blanket fort, Connor finally decides he is ready to take the next step with Oliver and proposes to him using the twist-tie from some bread. But Oliver is, as usual, too honest for his own good and decides he can’t say yes while he’s keeping a huge secret from Connor. He spills the beans about Laurel’s plan, so now the whole squad knows.

The flash-forward ending, which is at this point 48 hours away, shows us a bunch of stuff we’ve already seen before. The new piece of the puzzle is someone flat-lining in the emergency room. Heading into the mid-season finale, we will likely find out what happened that night, but being HTGAWM, I suspect that along with whatever answers we get, there will be a whole new mystery cliffhanger for us to ponder during the hiatus.

Tune in to the mid-season finale of How To Get Away With Murder on Thursday at 10pm EST on ABC.