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One of the great things about Castle Rock is that the story, at its most basic levels, is about trying to connect to your distant father. Sure, it might be a story we have all heard before, but when it is done correctly it is a good one. This week we get another dose of that exact story with the introduction of Henrys son Wendell — played by Chosen Jacobs (IT). Throughout their interactions you can easily tell they don’t see each other often. We do, however, find out that Henry was adopted when he was five by the Deaver’s, after they had a miscarriage.

Of course, this week is not the week they patch everything up and all of their issues are resolved, because Henry is too distracted with the ringing in his ears and what was going on in the woods all those times his dad would take him out there. After talking to Molly about if she ever saw him go into the woods Henry decides to tell go searching for himself. Whilst out there he comes across two men, Odin Branch and Willie.

Castle Rock
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Willie is Odin’s interpreter and Odin begins to tell Henry how he knew his dad and they would come out to the woods to hear “the Schisma”, or what Henry’s father believed to be the voice of God. Odin says the good reverend was going to build a tool that could help them hear it and that he built it instead. Obviously, Henry goes to see it. Upon getting to the RV and in the sound proof room, Odin reveals to Henry that he made himself deaf on purpose so he could always hear the schisma. With Henry in the room, Odin then locks Henry inside.

Elsewhere, Alan is sent on an errand from the kid and has to go to Syracuse. The kid is checked into the mental hospital and upon getting there a crow falls out of the sky, dead. Typically, dead crows are a bad omen. So, in Syracuse Alan is in a junkyard and appears to be searching for a car. When he feels like he can’t find it he heads back to his truck and we hear on the radio that a fire has happened at a mental hospital and that some of the patients have escaped. At that same time a truck pulls up and Alan spots what he was looking for, Warden Lacy’s car.

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Photo Source: Castle Rock, IMDb

The kid ends up back at the Deaver house where he walks in and immediately takes his shoes off, sort of like he knew the rules of the house (possible connection with the schisma and the reverend?). When Alan comes back he finds the kid sitting out front with what appears to be blood on his hands. The kid says to Alan as he comes closer, “There will be a monument to Warden Lacy, and to everyone who helped put me in that cage.” He then asks “Why would you leave me in that trunk, sheriff?” Alan goes inside and finds the house is destroyed. It’s shot to where you can’t tell if it is his or someone else’s, so I’m ready for the next episode to find out whose it is. I do not think it was either Ruth’s or Wendell’s though, but I don’t know for sure since we did not see them.

We don’t see a lot from Molly this episode, but what we do see is a very bizarre scene. She is working and looks up and sees a very bandaged reverend. I am hoping they go more into what that’s about.

Castle Rock
Photo Source: Castle Rock, IMDb

Overall, I think this was a good episode. The performance continue to be great and the storytelling is top notch. I just want to know what is going on.

Good news for fans, is that Castle Rock has officially been picked up for a second season by Hulu. What are you hoping to see from a second season?


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