If you missed my last KU review on Shifter’s Mate, you can find it here.

Thanks for coming back! I have more KU reading to share with you. I can’t tell you how much fun I am having picking up reading again. I had gotten bored with it for a while because I was only sticking to specific authors. With Kindle Unlimited, I have new material to read all the time at my fingertips. Today’s offering is Captured by Rosa Lee from the Highgate Preparatory Academy series. Let’s get into it.

In this book, we meet Lilly when she lands on the driveway of Highgate Academy. She is put into the dorm of four other students. y, Lilly is a woman. Her new dormmates? All drop-dead gorgeous males. Lilly meets her roommates when she gets out of the shower, and bam! There are the guys. Four of them, for crying out loud. The guys, Loki, Jax, Kai, and Ash, are not brothers but are closer than brothers can ever be. Lilly comes to America from England to attend her senior year in high school. Lilly’s mother recently died, and her uncle took her in. An uncle she knew nothing about. He decided to send her to his alma mater in America. The school is vast and rich and beautiful. Unfortunately, it hides secrets. Secrets that are ugly, dangerous, and deadly follow Lilly around, and she is assaulted more than once. She is always saved, though, by the guys.

So I have been debating whether or not to review this book at all. I’ve had this read for a couple of weeks now but couldn’t decide if this was a good idea or not, and I will explain my top two reasons. First, if my KU series has shown anything, it is that I like spicy books. This book is that, but holy crap! This was a lot. There were more spicy scenes than story. Not to mention, most of the spicy scenes involved three or more people. Not that I minded that part, but I spent more time looking for the story than enjoying the book. Now I am not saying that is a bad thing if you are in the mood for it. Spice is present in all kinds of media. Why should this medium be any different?

That being said, for some, this book could be uncomfortable because the characters are in high school. My understanding is that everyone is 18 in the books, if that helps. You honestly forget that they are in school most of the time because of how adult the book is. School shows up every so often, but it is a background thing. Other things that others might feel are questionable are some of the kinks that are in there. SA also happens in the book, which isn’t a bad thing (I mean, SA is a bad thing, not that it is in the book), but the following scenes might be weird for a survivor.

The writing itself was solid. I could see the book happening like a screen which I think is the mark of a good writer. She also used words I see less often in today’s writing, such as lascivious and undulating, which I loved. Remember I said Lilly is from across the pond, and the guys are from America? Rosa moves back and forth between proper English and American English smoothly to help reinforce who is talking or thinking. The POV does shift quite a bit in this book, but Lilly is the predominant point of view, just so you are aware. Needless to say, it is fun to read for the English insults, at least for me.

Another nifty piece in this book is the existence of a soundtrack. Ms. Lee has a Spotify playlist attached to this book, and you can hit the link from inside the book. Throughout the whole book, songs from the playlist are injected. Sometimes it is a little irritating, but it is a concept I haven’t seen.

I don’t think I will be reading next in the series. If I do, I might skip a lot of scenes so I can find out what is going on. I was left frustrated because while the book was well written, as far as you could see what was going on in your mind as you read, there just wasn’t enough story. If you are interested in my take on the next book, let me know. I can get through it and let you know. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!

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