South Park Season 25 Episode 6 Review

The above Gif represents me I was working into the wee hours of the morning on my review for South Park’s St Patrick’s Day Special. Or rather, Credigree Weed’s St Patrick’s Day Special. It doesn’t matter whose special it was, though, because it wasn’t that good of a special, if you ask me. Yeah, it did mock the usual aspects of St. Patrick’s Day like how everyone likes to get drunk or high, but then it oscillates between wanting to mock cancel culture, cultural appropriation, and continuing the feud between Tegridy Farms and Credigree Weed. The two stories do meet in the middle, but it’s still not that good.

The Weed Wars Continue

If you’ll recall earlier this season, Tolkien’s family started their own weed farm right across the street from Tegridy Farms, putting the two dads at odds. Things only escalate in this episode when they compete to sell St Patrick’s Day Weed. Then Mr. Black gets this big order to deliver 2.5 tons of his weed to a local Irish Pub. So what does he do? Buys Tegridy Farms’ weed for half off and passes it off as his.

When people think of “cultural appropriation,” it’s usually the Caucasian people doing the appropriating. However, in a very clever reversal, here it’s Mr. Black, an African-American, who’s doing the appropriating. It’s an interesting double-standard, and for once, you’re supposed to be on the white guy’s side. However, whatever point being made gets ruined since it’s Randy Marsh delivers the message. Randy Marsh is a jerk, a bad dad, and someone who belongs in prison for beating up Mr. Black. I almost forgot that I forgave him since Tegridy Weed helped save the future at one point.

In the end it doesn’t really matter, though, because St. Patrick’s Day gets cancelled.

South Park S25 Ep 6-Towelie All Ready for St Patrick's Day
My general reaction to this whole episode Source-South Park Studios,

St. Patrick’s Day Gets Cancelled

In the episode’s B-Plot, all Butters wants to do is celebrate St Patrick’s Day by wearing green and pinching people who aren’t. But in true South Park fashion, him pinching a girl on the arm gets him arrested as a predator (she was wearing green socks, but how was Butters supposed to know that.) The rest of the episode sees Butters being treated like garbage by the overzealous town, because Heaven forbid he can’t celebrate a holiday without offending someone.

Then, St. Patrick himself (complete with cutout talking head) comes down to speak to everyone. But instead of being a deus ex machina for Butters, his sexist and boorish behavior is the final nail in the coffin of St. Patrick’s Day.

Poor Butters. He doesn’t deserve this

This is apparently the last episode of the shortest season of South Park to date, and one that doesn’t resolve any of the plot threads for the season. In other words, it’s not a good season finale, and it almost made me just want to make tomorrow Toonami Day, in honor of Toonami’s 25th birthday.

At least Matt and Trey redeem themselves with the news as to why the season was probably so short: this August, they’re putting on a live concert with all the music from the show!

As a whole, I’ve got mixed feelings about this season of South Park. On the one hand, they’re getting back from a two year hiatus, not counting the specials they did. On the other hand, not that many of the episodes are going to stick out to me as funny or memorable. I think the penultimate episode of the season was probably it’s best one, though.

I Give “Credigree Weed St. Patrick’s Day Special” a 2/5