Alright new episode of Schitt’s Creek and we are one step closer to our true royal wedding. It’s no surprise that after that ultimate romantic proposal last season that the showrunners are dragging out the details of this marriage plot for what will likely go on for most of this final season. However, David as the ever in crisis groomzilla has enough vivacity to pull off its own spin-off show so there is no lack of material or story here. As this week’s title “Maid of Honour” suggests this is about the appointment of one of the most important positions in David and Patrick’s upcoming wedding. Naturally, Alexis assumed she would be tapped to fill this critical role, but being the pragmatic groom he is David likewise assumed she would be away at the Galapagos and made plans to fill her absence by asking Stevie to be his maid of honor instead. No betrayal is gracious, but sadly for David, his sister is even less so, and she knows how to rebound off of a disappointment. Namely by turning it into a competition no one asked for. After picking up a miserable Stevie, Alexis lays into her about the tiresome responsibilities of the position as the gang heads out with Patrick to help pick his official wedding tuxedo. As it turns out, the new flight attendant job Stevie got last week on a low budget airline isn’t working out and now not only is she unemployed but she left a job she actually likes with Johnny and Roland as well and has no idea what to do next. Much to Alexis’s distress, she’s happy to be Maid of Honour, if only to take her mind off her own life. Yet, the more Maid of Honour duties that come her way, including planning David’s bachelor party which promises to be a killer future episode, the more stressed and self-deprecating Stevie becomes, to the point where she tells Alexis she should take over the role. In what is nothing less than a true class act, Alexis refuses. She sees the Stevie needs to do this role and that having her do it would boost her confidence and while she is still one the sidelines there to help, she’s now switched from her initial jealousy to come completely on board with Stevie as her brother’s Maid of Honour. In a brilliant turn of events, what had the potential to turn into a catty catfight went the other way completely and gave us an elegant show of support between these two wildly different but equally valuable women. David Rose approves and so do we. Though his approval is not the only one we were focused on this week. The first official trailer of Moira’s movie was just released and everyone is excited to see it, everyone except Jocelyn. While the other Jazzagals crow over how professional and exciting the movie looked, Jocelyn couldn’t hide her distaste for the film from a sharply observant Moira. As it turns out, Moira cares a great deal about her opinion and she can’t stop herself from confronting Jocelyn about it. Having just realized how much her opinion means to Moira, Jocelyn disregards her general dislike of horror movies and an underlying fear that her friend will be disappointed by this movie again and writes a rave review of the trailer for Moira to hear and it’s enough to make amends between these two.This Crows movie has been the main plot driver for Moira since the beginning of last season and while it repeatedly causes enough friction to remain relevant it is starting to get dry, but let’s hope this up and down cycle, the showrunners have been doing with it is finally over. Moira deserves another shot at success and since this is the last season this movie better be it. Last but not least, we can’t forget about the patriarch of the Rose family, Johnny, who has arguably been given the worst storyline this week. While inspecting the new motel they bought, Johnny and Roland find one of the rooms to be occupied by a squatter whose possessions include a paper bag full of money and a gun. After resolving to deal with this problem themselves, Roland and Johnny stake out the suite until the man shows up. Upon summoning the necessary courage to confront the grizzled looking man, which makes them both some time, they learn he is actually a prosecutor putting away criminals and that he lives in the motel to lay low. Part of that included paying Betty and Benny under the table in cash, an arrangement that was listed in the contract with the sale of the property but which the two men cannot deny or confirm since neither of them read the actual contract. As such, there’s nothing for them to do but to welcome their first motel guest, so this random man is now just living on their property, which seems almost like a patched-together ending to this bizarre storyline. Maybe this lawyer will come in handy later in the season as Johnny continues to build the new Rose empire, but for now, it just read like a short-lived plotline that just gave Johnny something to do. Still, while Moira and Johnny’s stories were a bit lackluster, the relationship-building between David and Alexis this episode made it the best of the season so far. Though David won’t have Alexis as his maid of honor he’s found another place for her in his wedding, in a touching moment of true sibling love he asks her to give him away. Touched by the sentiment, Alexis readily consents and the duo is back together. Like past episodes this season, the focus is now less on humor and more on growth but this scene is such a pivotal moment in this series. When we first met Alexis and David back in season one they were arguing about who deserves to get murdered first, and now Alexis will be giving David away at his wedding to the man of his dreams. It’s almost too much, too perfect, or it would be if these characters didn’t deserve absolutely every happiness. It’s always hard watching one of your favorite series is coming to an end, but with Schitt’s Creek we know there will be no shock horror ending, instead we’ll get to see these charismatic characters we’ve come to love continuously support and grow together until the very end, making this final season a must watch from week to week.