Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

In just FOUR days, a brand new episode of The Mindy Project will be available to stream & enjoy & re-watch 12 times – what a time to be alive!

To help ease our “hellatus” pain in the final stretch, Hulu finally released a trailer for season 5 that included real people and real scenes from the show! There was so much goodness to be seen, from Mindy finding the invitation and yelling at Danny, to Mindy (hopefully) rejecting Jody & (double hopefully) ~choosing herself.~

The new trailer also gave us our first look at Nasim Pedrad as Leo’s pediatrician & my bae Bryan Greenberg as a nurse who seems to organize a nurse strike & doctor egging. Tamra, Jeremy, Collette, Beverly & Morgan all get their moment to shine as well, answering phones, doing a Kathy Ireland puzzle & stretching out a suit – among other things.

Brand new key art also briefly appeared on the Hulu homepage around the same time, showing Mindy lounging in her dream closet sipping wine with a straw (so as to not ruin her lipstick,  one assumes) in a perfect dress. We saw a few different looks from this photoshoot about a month ago on Mindy’s Instagram so maybe we’ll get to see those pictures soon!


Source: Mindy Kaling’s Instagram

The closet’s elements perfectly mirror the show and that attention to detail is so beautiful it almost makes you want to cry. A few of her outfits are totally recognizable if you’ve been drooling over them like me since 2012. The cutest thing however is that she has her bedazzled pregnancy barf bucket in there next to some sour straws holding a lollipop, a “Later, Baby” button, her diary (that Danny read & ruined) is chilling on a shelf next to her fatsteps (oh hey season 2!) AND BROWN BEAR! Guys Brown Bear is just hanging out in her closet with her & I’ve never loved anything more!

Watch the trailer here & remember to check back here for weekly recaps & me rambling about how much I love Bryan Greenberg.