While some fans were disappointed that the second episode of season 2 was a rewind from the premier to tell the story of what the Monarch Clan was up to until the end of the prior episode, it was the episode that we had been waiting for. Also, the premiere event is called the Morphic Trilogy, so not seeing them in episode one had us miffed, so we appreciate how the two episodes structure together in the scope of the event, but the rest of the season should jump around and blend like normal.

The episode starts with Gary the Henchman having a bad dream and questioning his morality (remember he struggles with the emotionap repercussions of murder). We then realize he’s running late to the Monarchs encounter with Wide Wale and his bossis running his mouth like a sitting duck. There’s a Venture style foreshadowing in this scene we discuss at the end of this post.

Venture Bros – Adult Swim

Cut to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch holding a meeting of New York villains and not reveiving co-operation when she asks them to stop arching. They all point out there’s nothing else they CAN do with their time because of the confines of their skill sets and lives. You tryy getting a job when your only skill is dressing as a frog and throwing bricks. It ain’t easy being green! The guild soothes them by offering a bounty for the Blue Morpho — which is when Red Death pipes up and bad-ass demands council membership for yhe Blue Morpho’s head, and we know he is a finisher so the stakes are growing.

Back to Wide Wale’s not-so-secret layer, we see him and his main henchman Roco teasing the Monarch before unmasking him. The gag? He gives us the origin story of how he “wasn’t born half a fucking whale” and they confirmed the fan “theory” that Wide Wale is Dr. Dugong’s brother (the half manatee super scientist the Monarch murdered when not able to arch Venture). Sure, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch got them off on a technicality, but Wide Wale isn’t a forgerful, unobservant cartoon villain because this is fucking Venture Bros. So Wide Wale isn’t just part whale but is also part bull shark from a Hulk-esque origin story.

Venture Bros. – Adult Swim

Gary and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch go to a supposed find of the Blue Norphos <obviously> fake dead body, and more guild drama, and Gary finally breaks the news to Sheila and she is as pissed by their stupidity as we all imagined. When Gary tries to show her the lair however it is just a regular basement and she assumes they’ve been playing pretend.

They then head to Red Death to enlist is help, continuing his involvement from season 6. Red Death also knows the Ong brothers origin story, and Sheila’s super smarts come in handy when she knows to break into an OSI records center to *SPOILER* find a not-dead Dr. Dugong under their witness protection, to take him to Wide Wale. How is he alive? The stargish dna he fused with allows regeneration, but he’s in protection because his brother is a top ranked villain and he would’ve known if he read the family newsletter. Classic Venture irony.

Adventure Bros. – Adult Swim

The Monarch oddly bonds with Rocco while in captive, then timelines catch up and as Gary and DMtM arrive to WW tower they see Hank Venture, and interrupt the execution and Red Death enters with scientist Doug Dugong. The racket brings Serena who always has hilaroous dialogue, but their unorganized reunion ia cut short as we get to witness the commotion of Venture from a new perspective. The after credit twist? The missing Morpho Mobile swoops in and another Blue Morpho approaches Venture Tower.

Venture Bros – Adult Swim

Lets break down the foreshadowing to the final scene and our theory that the Monarch’s father was revived, or more likely summoned, as Jonas gained ppwer in PROBLEM. First clue something was amiss was when the Morpho Mobile was gone. Gary assumed monarch took it but we know on a second watch that something fishy is afoot, as the Monarch expected Gary on time and there is no indication he drove and parked the car.

The second red flag? The missing/converted/hidden Morpho lair. Someone had to have hidden it between the opening and their return to the house, and based on Gary’s confusion he didn’t expect it to be that way. Someone was watching the house, and we can assume it was the original Blue Morpho. With just the Morpho Mobile missing it could be anyone swiping it and playing vigilante, but with the care to hide the lair as well, signs point to the real Morpho’s return! One thing is for certain however, the Monarch is off the hook!