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Last week Abby’s mother passed away in her sleep and Athena set the record straight with her male friend. So, we’ve got Abby going through her mom’s belongings and remembering her youth and how adventurous she used to be. Because of the closeness of Abby and Buck’s relationship, her brother begins to question her and she goes on the defensive. But her definition of her and Buck’s relationship is a bit different than what everyone can see. Having lost a parent I can relate to having to deal with the pain and grief, which is different for everyone. But you can see that she is not the same Abby that she has been through the last 13 episodes and something is brewing. But it also make me wonder about Abby’s character. Especially since she has an epiphany and decides to go to Ireland for she don’t know how long. Which, admittedly, I found to be anticlimactic. He sacrifices for her and she dumps him. I mean not even asking him to go. Like I totally get why she’s doing what she’s doing but where is the show going? Then the catfish situation with Buck could have been left out, just filler crap.

And hot damn, Bobby is getting back in the dating scene and has made himself a dating profile. But one call the team sets out of, rocks his world a little bit. Man on a motorcycle was torn in half on the way to see his son. While on the phone with his son, his last words to him was that he loved him, and his passes. It tears Bobby up and Athena offers a friendly shoulder. He tskes her to a church and they pray together. Soon after we see Bobby getting all daper, and he tells Chim he’s not attending the party cause he has a date. And who is that date, hot Athena (looking just as good as she did in the Tina Turner movie) in a sex dress coming to have a date with Bobby.

After a particularly interesting call of man who falls into paralytic narcoleptic sleep, and was almost killed during an autopsy. Hearing the man explain why he won’t tell people about his condition makes her realize that life is short and she needs to get her family back. So she basically stalks Karen in the grocery store parking lot and pleads her case. But Karen doesn’t give her much. But eventually she caves and comes back home, giving Hen her 2nd and last chance.

So, after all the flirting and sex condos and 3 months of dating Abby ditches Buck, who’s name is Evan, I don’t remember hearing that lol. Don’t judge me. Hen and Karen are back to together and Bobby and Athena have had a date. But how long will Abby be gone and how long will Buck wait?