Continuing the theme of minor characters taking the spotlight from season 3 episode 55, My Hero Academia episode 56 “Rush” delivered a non-stop action filled final 5 minutes of the Hero Licensing Exam. Filled with important lessons, growth, and the cold reality of life — some students passed round one of the exams, while many others failed.

My Hero Academia is a story revolving around beliefs, whether it be in one’s self or in others. These ideologies often clash, giving the characters a chance to grow and learn from lessons of the past. Heroes, students, and villains have a firm belief in what they think is right. The lingering question, however, is how far will they go to make their beliefs a reality?

Episode 56 “Rush” brings to light several students’ beliefs and the systems in which they operate to make their dreams come true. Emphasis is put on the actions of minor Class 1-A students like Denki Kaminari, Hanta Sero, Uraraka, and Yuga Aoyama — showing how they’ve grown since season 1 of My Hero Academia. The episode also focuses on students from other academies, in how they perceive being a hero and what actions they’ll take to accomplish their own dreams and goals.

Much like Yaoyorozu and Shōji found inspiration in episode 55 from the previous actions of Midoriya, several U.A. students in this week’s installment found their inner hero from Bakugō and Tenya Iida. Overall, episode 56 of My Hero Academia was thrilling to watch, with more than a few “make your heart warm moments.”

Spoiler Alert! The following content will contain spoilers from My Hero Academia episode 56 “Rush.” 🚨 You have been warned 🚨!

How To Chop Down A Tree

A majority of Ep: 56 focuses on the remaining U.A. Class 1-A students, but we’re also given a quick peek at Ms. Joke’s Ketsubutsu Academy class fighting their way through the exams too. Yo Shindo was featured during the beginning of the Hero Licensing Exam, having been the one to split up Class 1-A with his Quirk Vibrate.

After admitting he was rushing during the early part of the exam, Yo states to the rest of his classmates, “If I were given 8 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first six hours sharpening my ax.”

Capitalizing on the chaos created by his Vibrate Quirk from episode 54 and the last-minute scramble towards the remaining U.A. students, Shindo takes a tactical approach towards victory. Refusing to give up or be intimidated by the circumstances, the Ketsubutsu Academy class targets the weakened and scattered students from other classes.

During Ketsubutsu Academy’s victory walk towards the Ante Room, Ms. Joke spots her class and jumps out of her seat shouting praise towards her students. Much to the annoyance of Aizawa sitting next to her, who knows 9 members of his class are still on the battlefield. With the remaining slots, quickly filling up.

Denki Takes On Seiji Shishikura

Episode 55 of My Hero Academia left off with Bakugō challenging Seiji Shishikura to a fight after Eijiro Kirishima was turned into a pile of flesh from his Quirk, Meatball. Seiji’s ability allows him to knead an opponent’s flesh, turning them into a round incapacitated ball of goo. He can also shoot small particles of flesh or ball them all together to function as a shield.

Bakugō leads the attack with short-ranged bursts, knowing any kind of big explosion would cause harm to his teammates. Seiji takes advantage of Bakugō’s attacks and has one of his flesh flying pieces scoop under the bridge, sneaking up behind Bakugō and turning him into a pile of flesh goo too.

But not before we see Denki’s new tool created by the Development Studio in action. Higari Maijima and Mei Hatsume combined their talents to make Denki a “Shooter and Pointer,” allowing him to finally be able to focus his electricity Quirk in a straight attack line. Denki fires off two discs from his Shooter, missing his target, but still placed close enough to Seiji if he can get him within 10 meters of the discs.

With Bakugō and Kirishima down, Denki finds the courage to step up and be a hero.

Using a grenade Bakugō slipped to him at the last moment, Denki deflects Seiji’s attack. The blast forces Seiji to jump for cover, and into perfect position for Denki to release his Electrification Quirk.

“Bakugō might seem vulgar, but he’s actually trying really hard to be a hero,” Denki says to Seiji as he tries to recover from the electrical sharpshooter blast. Meanwhile, the shock broke Seiji’s hold over Kirishima and Bakugō, bringing them back to normal.

Each lands a shot on Seiji and he’s officially out cold. As the three celebrate in their own unique way (insulting one another and complaining), Bakugō leads the charge on the other recovering students — resulting in Denki, Kirishima, and Bakugō passing round one of the Hero Licensing Exam.

Sero and Uravity’s Master Plan

Midoriya has separated himself from Sero and Ochaco to draw their attackers away from their hiding spot. Just when it seems Deku might get taken out, Sero runs up from behind and tells Midoriya to grab him and jump. Once in the air Uraraka jumps out from her hiding spot and releases a host of large boulders, each with a string of tape attached to them.

As the rocks fall, Sero’s tape traps all those chasing Deku. With everyone incapacitated, Midoriya, Uraraka, and Sero march forward to pass round one.

A student begs Deku to have mercy, stating they must get their provisional licenses this time, as they’re not first years like Class 1-A. The moment is a powerful one, and for an instant, it looks like Midoriya might waver. But he quickly snaps out of it and states “I do too,” as he tags the ball on his target.

Fulfilling Dreams With A Blast Of Twinkle

Aoyama is crouched down on the battlefield, alone and separated from the rest of his class. He knows his chances of passing are extremely low, and he seems to be hiding until the first part of the Hero Licensing Exam is over.

Tenya, meanwhile, has separated from his group to look for any Class 1-A students who might be needing aid. As he runs around the corner, Iida spots Aoyama and goes to his side. Clearly shocked by Tenya’s actions, Aoyama asks him why he would do such a thing.

“As long as time and energy allow, I want to serve the class,” says Tenya. “That’s what my brother would’ve done. My actions are also the shape of my dream.”

Tenya proposes they work together to pass the exam while he continues to search for others. With 9 U.A. students still fighting and only 18 spots left available, time is not working in Class 1-A’s favor.

Aoyama and Tenya are being attacked from all sides and slots continue to fill up, leaving only 10 available. Aoyama, inspired by Tenya and his unwavering motivation to serve the class, takes matters into his own hands.

Forming an upside down “London Bridges” stance, Aoyama blasts his Navel Laser Buffet Quirk straight up into the air. The beam serves as a beacon for the rest of Class 1-A, as they swoop in on their location and start taking out the other students. Just when it seems Tenya and Aoyama might not make it, they become the last two to pass round one.

And with that, the entire 1-A class passes the first round of the Hero Licensing Exam.

Dropping A Bombshell On Deku

My favorite moment of My Hero Academia episode 56 occurs when Bakugō passes by Midoriya on his way to the Ante Room. After insulting Deku, like he always does, Bakugō acknowledges for the first time he’s aware of Midoriya’s secret.

“You passed huh? With the power you’ve got, it’s only natural.”

Deku begins to sweat, thinking for a moment Bakugō might expose him and All Might. Shaking like his world is about to come crashing down on him, Deku can only stare back at Bakugō.

But Bakugō never had any intention of selling Deku out.

Referencing a comment Midoriya had previously made about making All Might’s Quirk his own, Bakugō says “You’ve made what you borrowed your own, huh?”

I’m glad Bakugō finally put the pieces together and said this to Midoriya, as it was just what Deku needed at the moment. With the next round of the provisional exam starting next week, all eyes will be on these two, as “Rescue Exercises” of My Hero Academia season 3 begins.