Recap of HTGAWM Winter Finale, “What Did We Do?”

Holy hamster hairballs.

We’ve seen this show take every twist and turn it could possibly think of and STILL leave the viewers wanting more. I admit, I’ve dissected who could’ve shot Annalise and I was wrong. So. Darn. Wrong.

The episode begins with the team trying to decide what to do with the gun Caleb found at the Hapstall house. Annalise knows it’s conflict of interest time and advises Caleb that she can’t represent both him and Catherine anymore. During this hullabaloo, Catherine runs away and Frank is tasked to “retrieve” her (make of that what you will).

We get to see the flashback sequencing put to great use. Imagine the SHOCK when we see ADA Sinclair in the trunk of a car! I audibly gasped because we’d seen Sinclair swan dive off of the Hapstall roof multiple times during the course of the season. What a red herring they pulled off in finally revealing how she really died: run over by Asher in the court parking deck.

Oh, and Asher? Asher’s daddy (the judge) saw a man at the hanging tree and took his own life. Asher-mistakenly thinking Sinclair opened the corruption probe against his father-took matters into his own hands and barreled over her. Calling Bonnie to assist him, Asher and Bon Bon become an HTGAWM Bonnie & Clyde. Covering Sinclair’s murder, going on the lam, I feel like Bonnie and Asher are going to play a pivotal role in the second half of the season.

When it all falls down though, it falls down around Annalise Keating. Let me tell you something: her pleas to Connor, Michaela, Wes and Laurel to shoot her were heartbreaking and beautifully acted. Viola Davis showed why she’s an Emmy winner with this performance. The final shots (literally and figuratively) of Wes (!) gut shooting Annalise and a flashback to her looking at him in the police station were a revelation.

I can’t even begin to imagine where this ride will take us in the second half. Can’t. Wait. For. It.

Favorite Lines:

“We are officially the worst people ever.” Michaela to Laurel, Connor and Wes

“You may not believe it but I do and I’m the expert, so do what I say!” Annalise to Keating 5