Hello and welcome to this weekly installment of Ghosted. In case you haven’t heard, Paul Lieberstein took over as a Showrunner for Ghosted for Episode 10 and the rest of the  season. He worked on the Office, and I think he brought a lot of that feel into Ghosted. Anyways, lets dive in.

g 11.1

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Love the power play between Merv and Lafrey. The transition between power was handled fantastically, and believable. Merv is written to be hated, but not because of acting. Just his character, which is really fantastic to see. The actor, Kevin Dunn, plays the role very well. I cannot wait to see what issues he will create through the rest of the season. Seems multiple levels of the Bureau Underground has been retired or replaced. Lafrey cannot get into contact with anyone, to figure out what is going on.

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Max and Leroy both get interviewed with Merv, with Max’s going bad while Leroy knows how to play his superiors. Still, it seems Leroy begins to believe what Merv is saying, and tries to drop the investigation into the wiretap from the previous episode. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised about the continuum. I think that is really what the first half of the season lacked. Each episode was it’s own storyline, but nothing really connected them to one another except for a line here and there. To have entire episodes connect really draws people in.

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I also love the development of background characters and expanding on the secondary characters, like Annie, who father works for the White House. Also love how Bryd and Sasha have some history as people now casually brought up in conversation. Actually, conversations developed a lot of characters, and helped Leroy realized how for the past 6 months, he had been Max’s partner, and partners watch each other’s backs. And he left his partner alone. This was all implied by the actor’s looks, and was quite amazing. And the ending during the stakeout, with a sniper, lasers, drone, and a missing body. Pretty epic.

This series feels like a brand new show. I hope other networks consider picking up the new and improved “Ghosted”. It actually is shaping up quite nicely! That’s all for now! Tata and Stay Shiny! See you next week!