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This post contains Major Spoilers for episode 1×04 of Black Lightning, “Black Jesus.”

At Garfield High School, a student named Bernard is trippin’ out on some pills in the boy’s bathroom. Jefferson runs into the bathroom to see what’s happening and sees that there is something really wrong with him. Bernard starts to hyperventilate but then he gets angry and rips the stall out of the wall and throws it at Jefferson. In the heat of the moment Jefferson uses his powers to knock out Bernard and while he lays unconscious on the ground, Jefferson find drugs.

Anissa is driving around Freeland when she see’s two of her students buying drugs off of some members of the 100. She asks them if they sleep good at night selling this stuff to their own people. As Anissa walks away to leave one the guys calls her a crazy b****. Anissa walks back but when she realizes the guys are strapped, she gets in her car and leaves.

At Gambi’s, Jefferson learns from him that the drug is called Green-Light. No longer on the fence about suiting up, Jefferson decides to go out at night and get some intel. As Black Lightning takes down a member of the 100, the gang member gives him a name, Two-Bits.

Tobias Whale meets with Lady Eve. She talks to him about “Magic Albinos” and his floundering reputation, even know he’s rebuilt himself and made millions for Lady Eve and her partners. She tells him that the reason he’s in his position now is because they all thought he killed Black Lightning, but now that he’s back on the streets, its like he “lied on his resume.” Her partners aren’t convinced Tobias is the right man to lead the 100 anymore, but Tobias is confident he can take down Black Lightning once and for all. She tells him if he doesn’t kill him she will turn him into “Magic Albino Dust.”

At Garfield High, Jefferson meets with Bernard and his father over the incident and asks for a name, which he eventually gives to him. Jefferson decides not to kick Bernard out of school, but the board doesn’t agree.

Jefferson calls Gambi about the information he got from Bernard. Gambi tells him that the dealer responsible for selling Green-Light to Bernard didn’t follow the number 1 rule of being a drug dealer, he over-dosed using his own product. Jefferson informs Gambi that he knows Two-Bits, he was younger than him but he knows him really well. Jefferson is concerned that things are about to get much worse.

At the hospital, Jennifer over hears some of the nurses talking about leading Khalil on about his injuries. His spinal chord was almost severed but they think there’s a chance he can walk again. Khalil believes he’ll be alright but Jennifer isn’t as convinced.

Tobias Whale pays the coroner a visit asking him about Black Lightning’s body the night he killed him. The coroner believed it was him because who else could have fallen into that river? Tobias asks him if the man was dressed like Earth Wind & Fire, more specifically Maurice White. The coroner tells him he didn’t personally see the body being burned. Because of this, Tobias’ whole situation is in jeopardy now and he decides to take the coroner’s life.

At the Pierce residence, the Pierce’s have Inspector Henderson and his wife over for dinner. Anissa argues that Black Lightning is doing a whole lotta good for the community and she supports what he’s doing much to the satisfaction of Jefferson. Anissa excuses herself from dinner. Anissa goes to buy Green-Light off of some of drug-dealers before knocking them out cold with her new abilities, taking her first steps in becoming a Vigilante of her own.

Jefferson meets with Two-Bits. Jefferson (lies) informs him that he got a tip that the cops are coming for him, a friendly warning to an old friend. Since the cops can’t actually get a warrant on him, Black Lightning decides to then pay him a visit. Two-Bits is scared because it would be his third strike after Black Lightning knocks him out and calls the cops. Two-Bits then sells out and gives him the name of the drop spot and tries to get a selfie with Black Lightning before he get knocked out.

Jefferson meets with one of the school board members over Bernard. They recommend that he’s expelled while Jefferson disagrees with the decision. If he doesn’t agree to expel Bernard, Jefferson believes they will replace him when his contract is up and replace him with someone who has no connection to the community. Jefferson is torn over the decision but the Vice Principal believes in him.

Black Lightning goes to the drop spot and in-turn gets some new tech, electric x-ray vision. Black Lightning finds out that the Green-Light drug is not coming from the 100, but from something much bigger. Meanwhile at a spot close by, Anissa and Grace Choi get harassed some thugs. Anissa knocks them all out cold by using a ground stomp move. Gambi, watching from his place, loses the video and tells Black Lightning to get out of there. Gambi goes to the scene to take some pictures of the incident he witnessed on the cameras.

Khalil’s story goes on the news. Tobias and a mystery woman come up with a plan to turn Black Lightning against the people by using Khalil and his situation against Black Lightning.

Bernard went to get Green-Light again because it’s extremely addicting. His dad went to get him but got injured and called Jefferson about it. Black Lightning then went to the house to pick up Bernard.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Khalil wakes up to Tobias Whale sitting bed-side. Tobias tells him he was interested in his track career and it was him who paid all the bills and got him all these gifts. He mentions that Black Lightning ruined his career as well and that he can cure his pain.


We get to see more of Tobias in “Black Jesus” and learn more about his past and his future. The scene where Tobias asks the coroner if the guy laying on his table was dressed as Earth Wind & Fire, specifically Maurice White (who is the band leader of Earth Wind & Fire) brought some humor to the episode and provided some much needed insight into what happened 9 years ago between Tobias & Black Lightning. In the end we get to see Tobias’ plans for the future now that Lady Eve has given him some more “motivation” to kill Black Lightning.

Just when I was starting to think of how uninterested I was in this whole Jennifer-Khalil romantic sub-plot, Black Lightning redeemed itself by connecting Khalil’s story to Tobias Whale.

Another romantic sub-plot that didn’t get much screen-time this week was Grace Choi and Anissa. Now that Anissa is starting to become a Vigilante in her own right, its only a matter of time before Grace finds out about Anissa’s powers.

Gambi stepped up this week giving Black Lightning some new tech and doing the necessary detective work to find the suppliers of the Green-Light. While they still don’t know who is supplying the drug, Gambi has a new project in finding who knocked out his video surveillance.