Fear the Walking Dead is returning on August 12th, AMC emailed over a 30 second teaser video for season 4 episode 9.

With only thirty seconds, it’s hard to get a of insight. It appears that the group is very fractured. June looks to be off on her own, or perhaps on a solo mission, it is hard to trust her, even for me. Alicia looks like a wild card, and seems to be taking the losses of her family members hard. This is totally understandable but it seems she is keeping to herself. Morgan, well it’s hard to tell, looks like Morgan is just keeping things together. Strand and Luciana seem to just be taking the get plastered route.

The entire group has seemed to run into an entirely new group. The other group seems very capable of holding their own. They don’t look bad, but they don’t strike me as friendly either. It’s nice to see more people, this preview looks very different to what we have seen previously. This has no mention or signs of a big storm that we know is coming. Who knows if all of these people shown will be gone by the time or because of the upcoming storm.

In another, very exciting to me, preview centers around Alicia and Morgan. Alicia is off on her own, she is in her own way, ‘clearing’ walkers. She is behind a fence and getting walkers to come to her, she is killing them and searching them. She has found “Help” notes on a few of them and is trying to find out who is making these signs.

Morgan says that she could be wasting her time, she has no idea who made those notes, or if they are even still alive. Alicia is certain someone needs help and wants to find out who, she is trying to find a mission to keep her mind off of everything obviously. Morgan tells Alicia he plans to head back east and he wants her to come with him. He says it would be good for her and she could do good for them!

This is crazy and amazing! This is the first mention at all of someone from Fear crossing over to the regular Walking Dead. Alicia is a fantastic choice and I wonder if at some point this happens!?