*Spoiler warning for The Big Bang Theory, season 12, episode 14.

Screenshot.pngThe Big Bang Theory took a break this week from some of the bigger storylines it has going on – Sheldon and Amy applying for a Nobel Prize, Raj and Anu attempting to date – and focused on some smaller storylines to amuse us.

Primarily, Howard and Bernadette were a the center of the episode after their new neighbor builds a balcony that can see right into their backyard, and installed motion censor lights to absolutely ensure that they have zero privacy. They attempt to file a report to fix it, but get lost amidst the bureaucracy. Luckily, they have a best friend who loves bureaucracy, and forms. They enlist Sheldon’s help, but encounter a spot of trouble when they reveal to Sheldon that they built their back deck and renovated their bathroom without the proper permits.

Sheldon, in his rigid belief that all rules should be followed, finds himself in a moral quandary. He believes it is his duty as a citizen to report his friends as rule breakers, however, doing so would probably wreck that friendship. He even goes all the way to the office to report them, completed form in hand, but winds up unable to sell out his friends. In the end, he reports their neighbors, who wind up having to remove their balcony and flood lights. Bernadette and Howard win, and they’re very pleased about it.

Meanwhile, Leonard has a cold, and is jealous of the fact that Burt needs Raj’s help when he finds a meteorite, and that they won’t use his fancy new laser to cut it open. He proceeds to have fevered dreams about stealing the meteorite, cutting it open with his laser, and getting infected by an alien virus that causes him to have glowing purple eyes and a desire for human flesh. He finally admits his jealousy, and makes things right with Burt and Raj. Stuart and Denise remain in fear that cutting open the meteorite will cause an alien virus to be released. I guess that’s what happens when you work in a comic book shop all day long.