“Alcheringa” is a multimedia comic book released in 2018, written by Stephanie Alia and collaborated with Adam Frank (Art Work) and Bram Meehan (Letters). The word Alcheringa, comes from the Aboriginal language Arrernte and closely translates to “In the Dreamtime”.

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Photo Source: AlcheringatheComic.com

The comic centers around a girl named Madelyn, who suffers from reoccurring nightmares. Feeling lost, it isn’t until Madelyn enters the nightmare world that she finally feels like she has a purpose.


Photo Source: Alcheringathecomic.com

“Alcheringa” is also full of fantastical creatures. In a realm of nightmares, Stephanie Alia and Adam Frank do an amazing job building a world to send shivers down your spine. What Alia and Frank accomplish in basically 30 pages, most seasoned authors fail to do with 400 pages.


Photo Source: Janet Severance

Along with “Alcheringa”, Stephanie has collaborated with artist Lindsay Payton to create a young adult book called “The Great Raven Army”. The main character, named for her son Eason, loves reading his favorite book with his mother. But, one unusually stormy night after reading “The Great Raven King”, Eason is pulled into a new realm called The Unreal.


Photo Source: Janet Severance

I would highly recommend listening to this playlist created by Alia while working on the book. The eerie instrumentals and vocals only add to the journey. You can also check out the accompanying “Alcheringa” sound track at http://www.alcheringathecomic.com.

Along with “Alcheringa” and “The Great Raven Army”, Alia has several other projects in the works. She is currently crafting a new series called “The Creators”, which will be collaborated with friends she made at San Diego Comic Con. “The Creators” will be a dark comedy and is set to include new characters as well as the integration of monsters from their previous comics.

She has also created a limited run clothing line called Apervithium, which features designs from “Alcheringa”

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Photo Source: Stephanie Alia / Model: Larry Garcia

Where most artists would let an immense work load affect their art, Stephanie seems all to happy to expand her work into new, unexplored mediums. She constantly dips her thumb into new projects and likes to keep busy. Just in the short time I’ve known her, she never fails to impress with both her work and her positive attitude.

Stephanie Alia

Photo Source: Linda Carfagno

For more information on Stephanie Alia and “Alcheringa”, check out the links below and keep an eye out for “The Creators”, coming soon!

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