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Did you love The Lion King that came out back in ’94? Of course you did. That’s why we are mega-pumped about the new live-action remake directed by Jon Favreau, coming out next year! Here’s what we know:


Not only is James Earl Jones reprising his role as Mufasa (yes!), we also have a crazy all-star cast! Here’s the breakdown:
Simba – Donald Glover
Nala – Beyoncé
Mufasa – James Earl Jones
Sarabi – Alfre Woodard
Rafiki – John Kani
Zazu – John Oliver
Timon – Billy Eichner
Pumbaa – Seth Rogen
Scar – Chiwetel Ejiofor
The Hyenas – Keegan-Michael Key, Eric Andre and Florence Kasumba


Okay, so where I said it was live-action? I lied. Like The Jungle Book (also directed by Favreau), this flick will use groundbreaking photorealistic animation to make it look like the real deal! Unfinished footage of the ‘circle of life’ sequence was shown at the D23 Expo, and though it hasn’t leaked (darn) everyone present said it was phenomenally lifelike.


Not only did Elton John agree to rework his original Lion King songs with Queen Bey before his retirement for the film, she’s also agreed to team up with co-writer Tim Rice for original music to be included! The famed Hanz Zimmer (who scored the OG) will also be returning to do the music for the remake.


Until we hear otherwise, this bad boy is set to release on the 25th anniversary of the original — on July 19, 2019!

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