This year at San Diego Comic Con, Universal Pictures decided to debut some of their scarier stuff.

First they released the trailer for Glass, the sequel-ish film to Unbreakable and Split, all from M. Night Shyamalan. Split did surprisingly well last year with the horror/thriller crowd, but Glass seems like somewhat of an artsier approach to the genre.

The premise of the film follows the ending of Split, but this time focuses on the more supernatural elements of James McAvoy’s bizzare multi-character. Rather than attempt to keep the beast away as tried in SplitGlass will feature increasingly bold attempts to coax the monster out.

Glass will premiere January 18, 2019. 

Universal Pictures also brought on a panel for the new Halloween film, which despite having the same name which makes it sound like a remake, is actually a direct sequel to the film made 40 years prior.

The premise is simple: 40 years after Michael Meyers first terrorized Laurie Strode and her small, Midwestern town, he returns again to haunt her. But this time, Laurie is ready.

Halloween (2018) will bring back original stars of the film including leads Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castles.

The film was recently given an R rating for violence, which tells me that it’s going to be significantly scarier than the first one, and far more bloody. Get ready for some real thrills and chills.

Halloween opens October 19, 2018.