I love the dark and spooky and vampires are right up that alley. Some vampire are spooky and scary like Nosferatu. Some are intense and dangerous like Bela Lugosi. Some are sexy and lethal like Selene. I have read about them in books, watched them on TV and in movies. They are just fascinating. With every culture there are different myths about them. Which is really cool because that means loads of vampire stories. Here are my choices for the top ten vampires in no particular order:

Jean-Claude of the Anita Blake Series by Laurel K. Hamilton is just one sexy man. Long curly black hair, white, white skin and beautiful blue eyes. There is still humanity left in Jean-Claude and he is over 600 years old so it is a bit surprising but endearing.

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Dimitri Tirunul of the Carpathan Series by Christine Feehan. Dimitri is a luckier Carpathian but also in a crappy situation. He knows his lifemate. She is in his life sort of. He has to stay apart from her because she was horribly abused and though she loves him and he loves her she is afraid. He is patient and gentle with her but vicious and deadly toward any harm that would come her way.

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Selene is from the Underworld movie series. She is turned vampire by Viktor who slaughtered her family and blamed it on the werewolves. Selene became a death dealer and eventual broke the world she was brought up in.

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Dracula played by Luke Evans in Dracula Untold. I loved seeing the man that Dracula was and chose to leave behind to save the people he led and most of all his son. He lost his beloved wife Mirena which gave him the strength to become the monster that was needed.

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Damon Salvatore in the L. J. Smith book series Vampire Diaries. Now I read the books before there was even the thought of a TV show. I wanted to like the show but they rearranged everything so I hated it. Though I must say Damon was just as hot in the TV series as he was in the books.

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Eric Northman of the True Blood the hit HBO series. I have yet to read the books but that is ok I got to see the show and Eric Northman. I loved that he was ruthless but had a vulnerable side. That fact that he made Pam and she was just as ruthless to the point that even he gave her wiggle room was funny. He is one sexy vampire though. He can bite me anytime.

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Cian from the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts. He and his brother were way back and was turned into a vampire by the Queen of Hell Herself, Lilith. Centuries later for Cian but moments for his brother, his brother bring together a band of six people to defeat Lilith. Cian must find his humanity again.

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Lestat played by Stuart Townsend in the Queen Of The Damned movie. This not a dis to Tom Cruise playing Lestat. Both men were arrogant but I just think Townsend had the right edge for a Vampire who survived the Devil.

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Spike from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Such and a$$hole but again has a vulnerability to him and he is capable of love.

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Dracula played by Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Of the two Dracula’s on my list, Luke Evans’s is my favorite of the two but I included Gary’s version because while he has done some horribly evil things in his long immortal life, ultimately he is a sympathetic character. He misses his beloved wife and has been “searching oceans of time” for her.

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Did I miss anyone in your opinion? Was I wrong at all? Let me know who and why in the comments below. Til next week…