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This episode opens with Lionel texting his possible new boo, but their relationship is complicated. Hopefully, this new guy will actually be more open with him, unlike the others who led him on. Lionel is a very smart and loving guy, I think that any guy would be lucky to have him. Aside from that the twitter troll known as AltIvyW has become the cause of many racial motivated crimes on campus including the bananas that were hung on Sam’s door with the word “bitch” written on them. Like I mentioned before in another episode review, African Americans are sometimes referred to as monkeys to represent racial hurt. The bananas were a representation of Sam being a monkey. The hateful act made members of the Independent even more motivated to find the suspect behind the crimes.

Brooke and Lionel are forced to team up to find the scoop, but these two intellectual minds can sometimes be a set up for failure. I think the both of them would make an even better team if they would put aside their egos and stop being in competition with each other. I love Brooke’s personality though! Her sassy, intellectual, and cutthroat attitude is very refreshing. Although she is funny when she is drunk, she is even funnier when she is sober. My favorite scene with her was when she attempted to seduce Lionel who is into guys. When he began to express his distaste for her to Silvio, she replied by saying “Okay, a bitch has feeling.” I laughed a lot throughout this episode thanks to her. Brooke expressed her need to stay above Lionel by saying that she is just used to being the only one. Both of the great minds can share the success if they work together.

The episode was even juicier thanks to our game player AltIvyW. I feel like AltIvyW reminds me a lot of the once unknown character A in Pretty Little Liars. You never know what you will find out, but Lionel discovered that AltIvyW was right under his nose. It turns out that the twitter troll is Silvio. All of the hate posts towards Sam, the bananas, and the gossip was all under his control. The entire time I figured AltIvyW was sitting amongst the African American students at Winchester, but I never thought it would be Silvio. I also thought that AltIvyW was multiple people. It turns out what started out to be a hunger for likes and retweets, ended in a cry for freedom of speech and more media space.