After my weeks of complaining about the central case plots in recent Scorpion episodes, I finally got the episode that I was waiting for. 2×16 Fractured was as funny and heartfelt as it was dramatic and thought out, and I was again reminded why I love this show.

So if you have been reading these reviews weekly, you might have noticed that I have been a little underwhelmed with the premise of the team’s cases. I felt like overall the interpersonal issues between the team members has taken precedent over the actual cases Team Scorpion has to solve. Don’t get me wrong, those interpersonal issues are my favorite part and I love exploring the many dynamics among the team, but I don’t feel like the show has room to sacrifice sense and plausibility in the cases. In this episode, however, they aren’t actually solving a case they were assigned. Instead, Los Angeles is hit by a high magnitude earthquake, and Team Scorpion has to shut off the central gas lines before they blow up the city. Along the way, they encounter several other problems throughout the city that need solving. The format of this episode reminded me of the Christmas episode from season 1, Dominos. That happens to be my all time favorite episode, so I guess it makes sense that I would like this episode.

But aside from the plot element, this episode had many factors that made it stand out. For one, this episode really made me laugh. Not only were the banter and jokes spot on, the scene where Toby and Walter visit a couple’s counselor is hilarious! Yes, they visited a couple’s counselor at Paige’s recommendation because their bickering had gotten so bad. That therapist was played by none other than the great Penn Jillette, and he nailed that role. Toby and Walter had to sing and attempt to harmonize and honestly I think I could watch that all day.

Also hilarious were the scenes between Ralph and Sylvester, who were down at the beach for research for Ralph’s college class when the earthquake hit. I really wonder why Paige chose Sylvester of all people to take Ralph down to the beach and keep him safe, considering Sylvester is afraid of everything himself, but I’m really glad she did because it made for some really interesting dialogue and teamwork. I’m personally a huge fan of any scene with Ralph in it, so that gave this episode major points in my book.

Happy, Cabe, and Paige had an interesting challenge of rescuing three people in a car surrounded by electrified water and oil that threatened to blow up any minute. That was pretty interesting to watch.

Walter’s emotional speeches to Toby were really sweet and I felt myself just wanting to give Walter a big hug. While they were racing to get to the gas line, they became trapped by caved rocks. While down there, Walter confessed that he didn’t know what he did to make Toby so upset with him and that he wanted to fix whatever happened between them. Toby didn’t respond much besides telling Walter he had a huge ego, and they continued on their way to steal a cop car and save the day. Later, after LA was saved and everyone went home, Walter showed up at Toby’s door. Walter apologized again and asked if Toby wanted to discuss more. Toby told Walter not to worry about it and admitted that it was him who was just making things difficult because he habit of self-sabotaging when he had everything that he wanted. Toby explained that he had never been happier in his whole life than what he was right now. Walter, being glad the issue was over, asked Toby to go get dinner, but Toby declined saying he was really tired and he was just going to go to bed.

Well, Toby’s a liar! He wasn’t going to bed! In fact, the shot opens to reveal Happy standing in Toby’s living room wearing nothing but a robe (Toby’s robe, I presume)! She asks if he was serious about this being the happiest he’s ever been, and he swears to God that he will not do anything to screw it up, and then they share a passionate kiss! AHHHHHHHH AWWWWWW QUINTIS IS ADORABLE! QUINTS CHEERS ALL AROUND! They are officially together! Geez, we’ve waited long enough! Now about Waige….

Anyways, I’m kind of confused by Toby’s behavior in this episode. Toby stands as my favorite character on the show by a long shot, but I just did not get the game he was playing. He was downright rude to Walter for virtually no reason. He has mentioned “self-sabotaging” downfall before (AHEM WHEN HE SLEPT THROUGH HIS DATE WITH HAPPY), but the degree of which his exercised this problem was a little ridiculous. He wants to protect his relationship with Happy so he’s going to pick fights with Walter? Ya, the logic here baffles me a little bit. He is just now realizing that he has everything he wants in life, so he should be thankful for his good fortune and shut up before he ruins it somehow.

I do have one real complaint about this episode, and it’s a little morbid, so I completely understand if people don’t agree with me here — I didn’t think it was realistic that they were able to conveniently save everyone. In general, I think that Team Scorpion gets a little too lucky when it comes to saving people. I get that the point of the show is to prove that Scorpion beats all odds and manages to save people when there would otherwise be no hope, but sometimes it’s just unrealistic. I liked that Ralph and Sly got to help save the women in the car, and Paige got her shining moment in the episode when she saved the man from being blown up, but maybe just once I’d like to see them have to deal with the fact that their best was just not good enough and they really couldn’t save everyone. That may be an interesting idea to play around with in the future.

Overall I loved this episode, and I think it’s been the best since The Old College Try. I would definitely put this in my top 5 favorite episodes of season 2, and probably even my top 10 in the series. All the elements were really working together this episode and I’m really excited to see how the team handles Toby and Happy as a couple. Will their relationship spark something in Walter and Paige? Will they be able to navigate a romantic relationship with their own emotional drawbacks? We’ll have to tune in to find out!