After two episodes in which the topic of Gretchen and Jimmy’s romantic relationship was explored in depth, that topic took a back seat this week.The heart of this episode was friendship and other interpersonal relationships – specifically for Gretchen and Jimmy. At the top of the episode we learn that Gretchen has a group of friends “her girls” who she hasn’t seen in years. With an eye toward reconnecting with these friends, Gretchen hosts a party (not a get-together!) and invites her girl-squad. However, as we are introduced to Heather, Bernadette and Justine, it becomes immediately clear that most of Gretchen’s “girls” have grown up and moved on from the hard partying days. They’re now career and family minded. The lone exception is cautionary tale Cori, the stereo-stealing bartender. Cori’s behavior is so egregious that it gives even Gretchen pause.

Elsewhere, Edgar, intends to make his romantic feelings known to Lindsay, but first, he goes to Paul for his blessing. Paul is happy that Lindsay is dating again, and with his understanding that Lindsay has moved on, Paul brings his new girlfriend, Amy, to the party. Lindsay’s instinct is to make Paul jealous, and she uses Edgar for the task, but in doing so she tearfully realizes that Paul, Amy and Edgar are all nice people, while she is not. This epiphany is short-lived, however. When Edgar takes the opportunity to make his move and kiss her, Lindsay believes it is part of their ruse and decides to play along.

While everyone else is off partying, Jimmy, who doesn’t believe in friends, spends the majority of the party sequestered in the garage after trying (and failing) to set some party ground rules (“no gang colours”, “take your shoes off!”). He is joined by Vernon, who arrives to the party after Gretchen inadvertently “likes” one of Vernon’s photos, while creeping his Instagram. Vernon believes the two are becoming friends and he and Jimmy do bond over darts, sharing stories of their childhood. During Vernon’s story about being “born dead” and coming back to life after 15 minutes, Jimmy realizes that he is surrounded by friends – Gretchen, Edgar, Lindsay, even Vernon and the neighbor, Killian.

Favorite one-liners:

This gay porn site pays me 10 bucks a dick. I have a job! – Lindsay

Are you calling me an old horse?! – Lindsay

That isn’t even one of their better songs! – Jimmy

You should do my podcast. – Vernon

Can you not bring your unborn tummy-worm to a party? – Cori


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