Image via BoardGameGeek

Games Workshop in the past few years has been coming back hard to their small, specialty games. Blood Bowl is now fully supported, Kill Team was a beta test for Necromunda and Kill Team and even Fantasy/Age of Sigmar has gotten something with Underworlds: Shadowspire. Images also show a possible Rogue Trader game being released and Adeptus Titanicus is going to be a Titan focused game and could possibly even open up to Epic again. But so far there is one significant and well love specialty game that has not returned, Battlefleet Gothic.

The lack of Battlefleet Gothic is especially striking as the video game series based upon it (with the same name) has done very well and even garnered some accolades. It did well enough to even warrant a sequel. It would also come into a market without much competition. The only other large-scale space combat game pulling any sort of market share at the moment is Star Wars: Armada and even that does not contain a huge player base. The best that could be said about Dropfleet Commander is that it exists and both Firestorm Armada and Halo Fleet Battles died with Spartan Games.

So the question remains, where is Battlefleet Gothic?