**This article contains spoilers for “Warrior’s Will” and events that happened in prior episodes.**

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Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia. Photo courtesy of TellTaleTV.

“You can’t save someone that’s already dead.”

The show doesn’t slow down at all this episode as many of our character’s life hung in the balance, and the war became unstoppable.

Let’s start this out with Bellamy. Having already gone the distances he has against his sister, he had no other moves. Well, other than declaring that he will not be fighting in the pit. Despite Octavia’s pleading, Bellamy held his ground. To his credit, if anything were to get to Octavia at this point—which I don’t think anything can—it could be preventing her brother’s death. We also got some really nice character moments between the trio in the pit as they all tried to accept their fate. Bravo to Gaia though for having the guts to try and assassinate Octavia. That is until Bellamy knocked it off course. Don’t you love it when characters with complex emotions and agendas clash in fascinating ways and situations such as that? I sure do,

Their lives in the pit were spared last minute by Monty, who barged in last minute to unveil the truth about the farm to Wonkru. Showing them that they had a fantastic shot at a happy survivable life just where they were—something Octavia’s been hiding from her people. It as great to see Monty’s philosophy and thoughts payoff as he undermined Octavia’s control. It was a fantastic powerful moment for him. It’s a shame then that Octavia had to calmly go and ruin it.

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Tati Gabrielle as Gaia. Photo courtesy of TellTaleTV.

That’s right. Without even flinching, Octavia slowly and calmly walked right down to the farm and burned it to the ground—forcing everyone to follow her into The Valley. Yup. That drastic decision was made, and all hope snuffed out in an instant. I really don’t see how Octavia will have any path to redemption, or furthermore how she will make it out of this season alive. Before she was able to confirm her plans for war, we did get some fantastic personal scenes with Octavia as she struggled with the potential deaths of those she once loved—even leading her to admitting to Bellamy that she is already dead. There may be no hope for Octavia, and it’s going to be hard for those close to her to come to terms with that—let alone dealing with it.

Meanwhile, Clarke left her friends behind as she took Madi towards the valley. I’m really liking this new Madi. She’s confident, but equally confused and scared at the same time. It adds a lot of complexity to her. She’s determined on keeping the flame despite the downsides. I thought it was a really neat callback to have them bring up Lexa, who is now with Clarke’s surrogate daughter.  If we needed any further proof that Madi is growing into her own now that she has the flame, she ruthlessly killed one of the Eligius crew in their way.

Once inside the camp, Madi and Clarke find things in disarray—which leads them to an unconscious Abbey. Having had her pills taken away from her, she had to deal with the sudden withdrawal—a withdrawal she was afraid she can’t handle. It would seem that her instincts were right, as even after taking drastic measures via her psychotic patient, she still landed near death’s door. It’s been interesting to see Abbey in such a low place, but it’s taken awhile to get anywhere with her. I feel that for her as a character, we haven’t gotten too much this season. Really it’s just been her addiction and finding the cure, with no time for specific character beats. Hopefully we get some more insight into her when we learn about the Dark Age next episode (something that should have been shown much earlier).

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Eliza Taylor as Clarke (left) and Lola Flanery as Madi (right). Photo courtesy of TellTaleTV.

“Warrior’s Will” continued the great momentum of the season as Octavia forced everyone’s hand into marching to war. We got some really great character driven moments from Octavia, Monty, Madi, and Bellamy. On the flip side, those strong character moments made it that much clearer that not much has been done with Abbey this season. Hopefully with next episode promising to give us some information about The Dark Age, that can change.

Bonus Notes:

  • Why would Octavia had allowed Clarke anywhere near the vehicle with the eggs? I means she must have thought there was a good chance she’d successfully escape? Seems a little silly that she didn’t think that through, especially given the numerous times this season where she has shown that she is always thinking ahead.
  • Did anyone else catch that terrible transition as the bad guy was digging the grave? Cause I did. I have no idea how that made it to the final cut.
  • Little did I know that Maddie is spelled Madi. The more you know.


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